Payments & money

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Make payments, do your banking, send money within New Zealand and internationally and let us be your agent for collecting payments on behalf of your business, all at your local PostShop.

  • IRD number

    IRD number

    Apply for an IRD number at your local PostShop and we’ll organise it all for you.
  • Bill payments

    Bill payments

    Pay your bills the easy way at your local PostShop - you can pay your power and phone bills, finance repayments and local authority rates all in one transaction.
  • Vehicle services

    Vehicle services

    License your vehicle (pay your car registration), change vehicle ownership or pay road user charges, at your local PostShop.
  • Financial services

    Financial services

    Deposit funds or get cash from your Kiwibank, TSB Bank or KB Kookmin Bank accounts at any of our 320 local PostShop stores nationwide.
  • Bonus Bonds

    Bonus Bonds

    Bonus Bonds are an exciting way to save money and have chances to win thousands of cash prizes every month.
  • Collect customer payments

    Collect customer payments

    We can collect bill payments and manage licensing and subscription services on behalf of your business, at over 300 PostShops and retail outlets nationwide.
  • Purchase Connect

    Purchase Connect

    If you don’t have a credit card or cheque book you can pay for products purchased from our Purchase Connect partners at your local PostShop.
  • Sending money within NZ

    Sending money within NZ

    Securely send and receive money within New Zealand at your local PostShop with domestic money orders.
  • Sending money internationally

    Sending money internationally

    Western Union is a fast and reliable way to transfer money overseas without the need for a bank account – just visit your local PostShop.

Loaded cards and money orders are issued by Kiwibank Limited. Download Kiwibank's Disclosure StatementOpens in a new window. or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.
Bonus Bonds are units in the Bonus Bonds Trust and are not deposits or other liabilities of any member of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (“ANZ”). In any month, the number of Bonus Bonds prizes and total payout are subject to change. The principal and returns of Bonus Bonds are not guaranteed and are subject to investment risk. ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited is the manager and promoter, and ANZ is the investment manager of, and a distributor of units in, the Bonus Bonds Trust. Bonus Bonds investment portfolio is rated by Standard & Poor’s, with full details of the current fund credit rating available on the Bonus Bonds website and in the Bonus Bonds registered prospectus. A copy of the registered prospectus and a summary of Bonus Bonds terms and conditions are available on the Bonus Bonds website, or at any ANZ branch or PostShop.