Sending money within NZ

Find out what to bring with you when you send or receive money within New Zealand at your local PostShop.

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At your local PostShop

Send money within New Zealand at your local PostShop.

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Great for:

  • sending money as a gift to friends or family within New Zealand
  • making payments to businesses with a money order certificate
  • sending money to a loved if they run out of cash while travelling in New Zealand
  • if your wallet, cash or bank cards are stolen and you need money urgently

What to bring with you to your local PostShop:

  • Complete a money order application form (PDF – 68KB), also available at your local PostShop
  • $5 application fee
  • Post a money order certificate
  • If you make an electronic order, you will be issued with an order number and asked to enter a PIN. You need to let the receiver know what these are as well as the amount transferred.

If you purchase multiple money orders that cumulatively amount to $1,000 or more you will be required to present valid ID. Visit for acceptable forms of identity documentation.

When redeeming money that you’ve been sent:

  • Photo ID
  • The money order certificate received
  • For an electronic order, complete a redemption form (PDF – 42KB), also available at your local PostShop
  • The order number, amount of money and the PIN.

Visit your local PostShop to send money within New Zealand.

Money orders are issued by Kiwibank Limited. Download Kiwibank's Disclosure StatementOpens in a new window. or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.