Personalised stamps

Use your own imagery to create personalised stamps online, for mail you send within New Zealand.

Personalised stamps are perfect for that special event - add a unique touch to your mail. Best of all, you can do it all online. You can get stamps in 70c, $1.90 and $2.40 denominations and they can be gummed or self-adhesive, whichever you prefer.


Each sheet contains 20 stamps.

Stamp denomination 1 sheet 2 sheets 3 sheets Each additional sheet
70c $23.90 $43.90 $63.90 $20.00
$1.90 $52.90 $97.90 $142.90 $45.00
$2.40 $62.90 $116.90 $170.90 $54.00

With 10 unique stamp layouts to choose from, start personalising your stamps today!

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