COVID-19 updates

We're receiving high call volumes. Please only contact us if our tracking tool shows it’s been more than 5 days (10 days in Waikato and 2 weeks in Auckland) since we received your parcel.


What we’re doing to keep things moving

Working 24/7

We’ve moved very quickly to put 24/7 shifts into place to keep your parcels moving.

Adding processing sites

We've been sorting and processing at additional and new sites to get through the backlog.

Additional vehicles

Approx. 200 extra vans and trucks moving your parcels to get them to you ASAP

Additional people

More people working around the clock to minimise disruption to our customers.


Physical distancing

We’re adhering to physical distancing measures to keep our people and customers safe.

Prioritising essentials

Getting goods to those who need them, prioritising food, pharmaceuticals & essential products.


Our teams are working hard

We know that the parcels you’re waiting for are important to you. All our people are working incredibly hard, whilst adhering to physical distancing rules, to get through the large volumes of parcels. We’ve got people from right across our business lending a hand to help process and deliver parcels for you. Rest assured that while there may be a delay, we will get your parcel to you as soon as we possibly can.


How you can help keep things moving

We're seeing a significant increase in parcel volumes. While the majority of parcels are being delivered within 3 days, some parcel deliveries are delayed by up to 5 days. Deliveries into Waikato may be delayed by up to 10 days, and by up to 2 weeks in Auckland.

To help us help you, please only contact us if our tracking tool shows it’s been more than 5 days (10 days in Waikato, 2 weeks in Auckland) since NZ Post received your parcel. We understand how important your parcels are to you and our team are working very hard to get them to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we do everything we can to keep things moving.



COVID-19 frequently asked questions

Our FAQs are regularly updated with the latest information.

Personal FAQs

Business FAQs




Personal customer support

Find all the latest information about sending and receiving parcels and post, and how you can access our services during COVID-19 restrictions.

Help for business customers

Find the latest updates covering business sending, receiving and logistical services, and how we can help keep you moving through COVID-19.