COVID-19 Business FAQs

This is a challenging time for New Zealand businesses. To help provide some clarity, we’ve summarised key questions and answers.

We continue to be committed to keeping our people, communities and NZ moving as well as possible. Take care and stay safe.

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General services

Yes. Unfortunately, the same delays we are experiencing across all our deliveries also apply to the delivery of NZ Post products and stationery. We are working very hard to get your orders to you ASAP.

No. Our depots are closed for collections and drop-offs during alert level 2. To arrange a pick-up, visit CourierPost. To arrange a redelivery use Tracking tool or contact us.

Under Level 2, all scheduled work pick-ups and deliveries will go back to normal. Billing will be effective from 14th May unless you’ve previously asked for a service suspension that goes beyond that date.

If you won’t be re-opening your premises on 14 May, and you haven’t yet asked for a scheduled work suspension, contact your Business Manager to get it set up.

Sending Parcels

No, book a courier as you normally would. If your pickup address and details have changed, advise this when booking your courier. We ask everyone to respect the two-metre physical distance rule when your parcel is being collected.

NZ Post is still sending and receiving international parcels and mail, however the situation is constantly evolving and there may be some delays. More on international delivery updates.

Yes. Under Alert Level 2 NZ Post Box Lobbies will remain open although some may be operating with reduced operating hours. NZ Post will

continue to deliver to Box Lobbies, however, we may need to sort throughout the day rather than by our usual target times. All deliveries received will still be sorted on the same day.

We do ask that while you are at a PO Box Lobby to collect any items that have been delivered to your PO Box, please ensure that you maintain a two-metre bubble rule between yourself and other customers/staff.

You can still purchase prepaid tickets and Trackpaks from our CourierPost or NZ Post websites. These will be delivered to you.

You can also send parcels using Send It Now, which include a pickup from your home or premises.

Your options are:

  • Drop it off at an NZ Post retail outlet. Under level 2, most NZ Post retail outlets are open.
  • Street post box - If the parcel is small enough, place it in a street box. These are cleared regularly.
  • Courier pickup - Generate a Courier label online, which includes a pickup.

Yes. Rate finder and Print Postage Online are still available, however Parcel Post (domestic) and International Air Small Parcel do not include a pickup.

We recommend generating a label using our Send It Now or Print Postage Online services, and lodging with your rural driver using the normal method, letter box, or by arrangement, but using contactless pickup.

Yes. NZ Post will continue to deliver R18 parcels and drivers will continue to try to verify the age. Instead of signing for the item, receivers need to tell the driver their name from a minimum distance of 2 metres. If the person looks under 25, the driver will try to verify the age by asking to show their ID from a 2-metre distance. If drivers cannot verify the person is over 18, they will leave a card.

Get in touch with your Business Manager and consider spreading what you lodge with us over a few days. If you have more than one pick-up each day, please hold any Local Freight for the last pick-up of the day and send any Forward Freight (freight going out of your local town) on earlier pick-ups. 


Unfortunately, it’s not feasible for drivers to call for every delivery. However, to help ensure deliveries can get to the right place, we suggest:

  • Having some signage to let drivers know how to complete deliveries especially if your old process has changed or the premises is locked.
  • When sending an item, if there are special requirements (such as a locked door) or recurring issues, add delivery instructions.

All deliveries are tracked. Under alert Level 2, we leave the item in a safe place as instructed by the customer so no signature is required. In place of a signature, we ask our drivers to take a photo of the item as proof of delivery. If there are specific delivery details, they should be noted on the item. Visit our Tracking tool to view the progress of your item.

You can keep your customers up-to-date and manage delivery expectations with Parcel Notifications.  NZ Post can send your customers up to four notifications per parcel delivery. Email notifications can be sent at no cost or you can upgrade to SMS notifications on a paid basis. To set up notifications, contact your Business Manager.

Yes. You can redirect your mail or put it on hold on our website. During level 2, businesses will be charged at household rates.

Please follow the instructions on the back of the card to order a redelivery or redirection. You can also do this using our tracking tool. If you’re unable to book a redirect and we have not attempted a redelivery within a few days, please contact us on 0800 501 501. Please note, call demand is high so we recommend you use our tracking tool.

Delivery date changes

Yes. We’re seeing a significant increase in parcel volumes. While the majority of parcels are being delivered within 3 days, some parcel deliveries are delayed up to 5 days, and in Auckland up to 2 weeks. We expect this volume to continue over the following weeks, so there will be ongoing delays.

To help us help you, please only contact us if it’s been more than 5 days (2 weeks in Auckland) since our Tracking tool shows NZ Post received your parcel.

We understand how important your parcels are to you and our team are working very hard to get them to you as soon as possible.

For more information see our Domestic delivery updates and International delivery updates.

We have temporarily added up to three working days to our Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD). These changes will be in place as we move into alert level 2 and while we continue to experience high parcel volumes. These dates will be communicated to customers in notifications and in online tracking pages.

We’re expecting delivery delays due to a significant increase in parcel volumes as we move to level 2, and want to ensure we are providing the most accurate information possible to customers. We hope that managing expectations in this way will reduce customer queries for both NZ Post and your business.

We’re working extremely hard to meet our usual high levels of service and have put in place a number of measures to help achieve this. However, even with these measures in place there may be some delays to parcel delivery.

We are still targeting to deliver all items within our service standard, so if parcels are able to be delivered sooner than the Estimated Delivery Date they will be.

We are:

  • Running extra shifts
  • Using all available sites to process parcels
  • Sending local freight later in the day
  • Working with our delivery partners to accommodate overflow volume
  • Looking at additional sites in key regions to increase processing and delivery capacity
  • Activating peak plans now in recognition of increasing volume
  • Working with our customers to improve the induction of product into the network, including:
    • Spreading any backlog into lodgements over a few days
    • Holding local freight for the last pick-up of the day, so forward freight can be sent earlier

Customers will see the Estimated Delivery Date as usual. This will have three working days added to it to set expectations.

Note: Email and SMS notifications will only be sent to customers subscribed to Parcel Notifications.


Yes, you can return items to one of our NZ Post retail outlets. Most of our NZ Post retail outlets will re-open in Alert Level 2. Please check our Postshop Locator for the latest information..

Help and support

NZ Post continues to provide technical support and have our support team doing this remotely.

Contact details for our Customer Technology support channels are as below:

Application Support

Integration Support

0800 374 477
[email protected]

Shipping APIs
[email protected]

Red Click
[email protected]

ECL.Online (Manifest Integration)
[email protected]

Ticket-it (for unmigrated customers)
0800 783 783 (option 1)
[email protected]

Lodgement Manager
[email protected]