City name changes for mail but postcodes remain

24 September 2010

Postcodes will become more critical to the delivery of Auckland mail following the change to the super city structure says New Zealand Post.

New Zealand Post Addressing Manager Geoff Pearce said that the current city names of Manukau, North Shore City and Waitakere in postal addresses will be replaced by Auckland from 1 November, 2010.

"For example, Henderson, Waitakere, becomes Henderson, Auckland. Or Takapuna, North Shore City, becomes Takapuna, Auckland," he said.

Mr Pearce said existing postcodes would not change as they are based on postal sorting and delivery zones.

"With the multitude of streets duplicated across the new Auckland, it's going to be even more important that people use the correct postcode so that we know where they want mail to go to."

"A postcode tells us whether you mean Queen Street in central Auckland or Queen Street in Otahuhu," said Mr Pearce. It also helps, for example to ensure mail gets to the right Beach Road, as there are 18 of them in the wider Auckland area.

Under the postcode system there are no duplicate streets or addresses within an urban postcode boundary.

Mail sent without a postcode will still be delivered by New Zealand Post, but it may take extra time if it’s not obvious where it's destined for.


  • New postcodes were introduced by New Zealand Post in 2006.
  • Postcodes assist in accurate delivery of mail.
  • Automated mail sorting machines read the address on envelopes, including the postcode, to sort the mail to the right place.
  • Postcode boundaries do not reflect suburb boundaries.
  • People can find their correct postal address online on the New Zealand Post website,
  • Local postcodes are listed in the front of the telephone book.