Hamilton Race Day plan in place for posties

18 January 2010

Mail delivery to parts of central Hamilton may be delayed next week as the city gears up for its second V8 Super Car race, but New Zealand Post is on track to minimise the impact of the event.

Waikato Delivery Business Leader Brendon Coker says New Zealand Post has worked with race organisers to plan mail delivery around the race.

Four business delivery rounds within the boundaries of the race circuit will be directly affected by the race.

"We don't have access to the race circuit on Saturday as all streets within the area have been closed. We've spoken to the businesses affected and they will either pick up their mail from the Waikato Mail Centre or we will hold their mail and deliver it on Monday," he says.

"We have been granted access to the circuit on Thursday and Friday. Practice racing starts at 2pm so we will be able to deliver as normal, but instead of cycling these rounds we will put two walking Posties into the area for safety reasons."

Mr Coker says although the majority of delivery rounds are outside the race circuit, the huge influx of people and traffic creates a potential hazard for Posties.

"Based on last year we're expecting over 170,000 people to flood into the city."

"Our main concern is the safety of our Posties cycling, driving or walking around town in the week prior to the race and during race day, with all the extra traffic and people."

To avoid peak traffic periods, Posties will start their day one hour earlier than normal. Delivery routes have also been redesigned to minimise hazards.

Mr Coker hopes business owners and residents will support their Posties during the week.

"We are doing what we can to maintain safety for our Posties while meeting customer expectations, so please bear with us," he says.


On race day, Saturday 18 April, mail will not be delivered to approximately 200 delivery points within the race circuit. These are all businesses on the following streets:

Commerce St, Empire St, Haig St, Hall St, High St, Keddell St, Kent St, King St, Lake Rd - from numbers 1 - 65 and 2 - 48, Norton Rd - from numbers 1 - 27 and 2 - 26, Old Mill Lane, Seddon Rd - from numbers 105 - 85, Sloper Ave, Tristram St - from numbers 324 - 130.