New Zealand Post wins New Zealand's most trusted retail brand

28 June 2010

New Zealand Post has just been named New Zealand's most trusted retail brand for the fourth time in five years in the Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand survey.

Some of the comments from New Zealanders who voted for New Zealand Post included "They have the best customer service" and "A long-lasting brand that delivers on its promises".

Retail Group Manager Michelle van Gaalen puts the success down to a genuine customer focus in its network of over 300 PostShop Kiwibank stores.

She acknowledges that earning and maintaining brand trust is not easy. "It is something that builds up over time but can be lost with just one silly mistake or bad piece of service."

Given New Zealand Post's diverse geographical spread and status as one of the country's largest employers, it is well known by most New Zealanders.

"The trust instilled in New Zealand Post Retail comes partly from our long history, but also from a customers' last experience with us – so it is our job to ensure that each experience is a good one.

"It is estimated that around 95 per cent of New Zealanders have some form of contact with us each year when 20 million customers interact with us at PostShop Kiwibank stores.

"The fact customers have stuck by us as we evolve through changing times due to a decline in mail, increased competition and the increase of technology use, is in part testament to the trust we have.

"Knowing that such strong trust exists is at the forefront of many of our decisions around any changes to how we gear our network up for the future. Whenever we look at the level of service offered at different locations we always weigh up customer needs along with the long term sustainability of our business," says Ms van Gaalen.

New Zealand Post-owned Kiwibank has won the Readers Digest Most Trusted banking Brand.