New Zealand Post offers assistance to flood-affected Nelson families

22 December 2011

New Zealand Post has today extended an offer of free mail redirection for those living in the three streets most severely affected by recent flooding in the Nelson region.

The offer will enable those residents to redirect their mail for up to two months at no charge. A $25 fee normally applies for this service.

The offer is open to people who live in the following locations:

  • 1 to 33 Grenville Terrace
  • 455 to 615 Rocks Road
  • Units 1 to 12 in the apartment block at 309 Wakefield Quay.

Eligible residents have until 6 January 2012 to apply for the free mail redirection offer.

They can apply via the website - where they will need to pay a fee but will receive a refund. Or they can apply at any PostShop where the fee will be immediately waived.

Please note: that separate arrangements will need to be made for the delivery of parcels which are delivered by couriers - as redirection orders do not apply. It is recommended that anyone sending a parcel to a flood affected location in Nelson should check in advance whether the address is occupied and accessible - before addressing their parcel.