"Business as usual" resumes for mail services

18 August 2011

New Zealand Post's mail deliveries are back to normal today, after widespread disruptions earlier this week caused by heavy snowfall across much of the country.

"There are still a small number of places such as Middlemarch in Otago and some of our rural delivery addresses in the lower South Island which are inaccessible by road - so normal deliveries won't be able to resume to those addresses quite yet," New Zealand Post spokesman Michael Tull said.

"But for the vast majority of the country mail services are back to normal - albeit with the proviso that some of the mail which was held up by road and airport closures will take a day or two to work its way through the system."

"We're pleased to get to get back to business as usual, and will be working diligently to clear any backlog of mail which built up while the country was in the grips of these extraordinary snow storms," Michael Tull said.