Kiwi kids swamp Santa with letters this year

9 December 2015

Santa has received tens of thousands of letters from Kiwi kids with their wish lists for Christmas this year.

New Zealand Post has so far received 64,037  physical and online letters.

New Zealand Post’s ‘Letters to Santa’ coordinator Katey Cameron says New Zealand Post loves being part of Christmas celebrations in New Zealand.

New Zealand Post began helping Santa and his elves with Christmas letters in 1998. As usual, children aren’t leaving anything to chance, writing detailed letters about their expectations come December 25.

One girl asked for video games and world peace. Another asked for a mermaid light, pink scooter, kinetic sand and blade ranger. A boy requested dinosaur DNA, real dinosaur bones and a remote control dinosaur.

Many children asked for Santa to call or write to them. Others sent in cards containing gifts for Santa, like sparkles, beads and chocolates. He also received many drawings and elaborate art work.

The most popular gifts requested this year were ipads, iphones, nerf guns, dolls, make up and mermaid toys.

Santa’s online form closed on 30 November so if a child has missed the deadline, they could still post their wish list to Santa’s Workshop, North Pole 0001 or New Zealand Post has also provided a template on our website where parents can download a reply from Santa at