New Zealand Post annual pricing announcement

13 March 2013

New Zealand Post has today released its annual pricing update, which signals the postage rates which will apply from 1 July this year.

Many categories of mail will remain unchanged - including the postage required for sending letters within New Zealand and overseas. The Standard Letter Rate for domestic mail will stay at 70 cents.

However from 1 July the postage required to send packets and parcels overseas will increase – in most instances by 4 percent or less – to reflect the increasing costs of providing these services.

Additionally, from 1 July the international zones which packet and parcel products can be sent to will be redefined – with North America moving from Zone C (where it is currently grouped alongside ‘East Asia’) to Zone D (alongside the UK and Europe).

This re-zoning will more realistically reflect the true costs of freighting parcels to North America.

International costs have been impacted by a number of factors including rising fuel, transportation, processing and other postal union costs.

The pricing of New Zealand Post’s bulk mail services for business will also be adjusted from 1 July. Business customers affected by these changes are being notified.