New Zealand Post trials new fingerprinting service

31 October 2013

New Zealand Post has begun a three month trial of providing an electronic fingerprinting service for employment, immigration and other purposes.

The trial is being run in three PostShop outlets in Auckland, providing a service which New Zealand Police has been providing.

Various organisations require fingerprints for identity verification purposes and have been utilising the New Zealand Police. This takes up 10,500 hours of staff time annually so the New Zealand Police are exploring utilising New Zealand Post as an option to outsource this service.

New Zealand Post spokesperson Mandy Smith says the company is delighted it has been chosen for the trial.

“We are pleased to be working with New Zealand Police in exploring the undertaking of fingerprinting services and to see how this will work in a New Zealand Post retail outlet environment.

“Fingerprinting fits well with the New Zealand Post strategy to grow identity verification and biometrics capability such as RealMeOpens in a new window. and passport photos.

“We are trialling an advanced electronic capture fingerprinting technology which is cleaner and faster than the manual ink process currently used by the Police, Smith said.

The three month trial is currently limited to the Auckland area, with the participating New Zealand Post retail outlets being Wellesley Street (Auckland City), North Harbour, and Manukau. The outcome and results from the trial will feed into the decision whether to roll out the service more widely next year.

New Zealand Police is providing New Zealand Post with training and support in the provision of the fingerprinting service by qualified New Zealand Post staff.

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