Spread Christmas cheer with #nzsecretsanta

07 Nov 2017

Player registrations have now opened for NZ Secret Santa on Twitter.

NZ Secret Santa, known as #nzsecretsanta on Twitter, is an online version of the Christmas game when people give an anonymous gift and get one in return. Facilitated by New Zealand Post, the game has a dedicated group of Twitter followers.

“We’re hoping 2017 will be the best year yet for #nzsecretsanta and all you need is a Twitter account to take part” says Aj Sheterline, head web elf at NZ Post.

Twitter users around New Zealand send gifts to people they only know through social media. Based on a player’s online presence, each Secret Santa will work out a gift – for around $10 – to send to another player.

“It’s all about giving the opportunity to the Twitter community to spread Christmas cheer.”

The charity to benefit this year from #nzsecretsanta will be CanTeen. People who sign up to play but then don’t send a gift are known as Bad Santas. Under the rules of the game, gifts that would have been sent to Bad Santas will be given to CanTeen instead. If Good Santas feel generous, they will be able to purchase an extra gift to go to CanTeen.

Players who should have got presents from Bad Santas won’t be left empty handed and will be sent a present supplied by NZ Secret Santa sponsors instead.

“Just like last year, the Bad Santa gift stash will be overflowing,” says social media elf, Libby Greatnews. “We’re lucky enough to have some great gifts, from mobile phones, vouchers, to DVDs to unique works of art donated by generous sponsors.”

You can register for NZ Secret Santa until 22 November at the NZ Secret Santa website nzsecretsanta.co.nz