Temporary closure of Dunedin Airport may delay some deliveries to parts of Otago/Southland

13 February 2013

An upgrade to the runway at Dunedin Airport may delay the delivery of some types of mail to parts of Otago and Southland.

Between 13 February and 26 March Dunedin Airport will be closed to evening flights - including a service which normally delivers letters and packages sent using the following services:

  • FastPost,
  • BoxLink,
  • International priority letters and parcels, and
  • Courier items.

During the airport runway upgrade New Zealand Post will – where possible - prioritise these items to earlier transport. However where this is not possible, a delay in delivery may result.

Items which cannot be moved to earlier transport will be trucked down from Christchurch to Dunedin - and as a consequence may arrive for processing at the Dunedin mail centre one hour later than is usually the case.

Some of the mail which travels on that truck will still be able to be processed for delivery that day, including all courier items. However for mail addressed to certain parts of the region, the later arrival in Dunedin will mean that delivery will need to occur the next day.

The expected impacts on delivery within Otago and Southland of courier items, FastPost, BoxLink, and inbound international priority letters during this six-week period are as follows:

Delivery on same day as usual

(unless conditions cause further delays for the truck to Dunedin)

All Courier items for Otago / Southland: still delivered the same day, but may be later than usual.


  • Dunedin and Mosgiel postie runs
  • Corporate Box Lobbies at South Dunedin, Moray Place, Dunedin North, Mosgiel
  • Franchise Box Lobbies at Green Island, Gardens
  • Post Centre Box Lobbies at Caversham, St Kilda, St Clair, Halfway Bush, Musselburgh, Maori Hill, Mornington.


  • Invercargill postie runs.

Delivery one day later than usual

Priority items (FastPost, BoxLink, International inbound priority letters) addressed to the following locations are likely to take an extra day for delivery.


  • All postal services in Waitati, Waikouaiti, Warrington, Karitane, Palmerston, Balclutha, Kaitangata, Brighton, Owaka, Milton, Waihola.


  • Invercargill 9-RD (Rural Delivery Run)
  • The Corporate Box Lobby at Don Street, Invercargill.
  • Franchise Box Lobbies at Bluff, Glengarry, Invercargill North, South Invercargill, Waikiwi.
  • All Postal Services in Winton.
  • All Post Centre Box Lobbies including Halfmoon Bay (Stewart Island)
  • All Private Bags

Please note: the time for the delivery of Standard Mail (ie: mail sent from one place in New Zealand to another, but not FastPost) should not be affected by the Dunedin Airport runway upgrade.

While the runway closure is outside our control, New Zealand Post apologises for any inconvenience during this time.