Val stamps her mark

13 August 2016

Silver medal winner Valerie Adams is featured on a brand new stamp which celebrates her success at the Rio Games.

“New Zealand Post congratulates Valerie Adams on her stunning performance in Rio and her silver medal in the women’s shot put - her third Olympic medal,“ says Head of Stamps and Coins, Simon Allison.

“Featuring Valerie on a stamp is all the more special to us because she is a New Zealand Post ambassador and has represented us at so many junior sport and community events. We are very proud of her achievement in Rio,” says Simon Allison. 

“Our athletes are inspirational and like the rest of New Zealand, we will continue to follow their progress in Rio,” says Simon Allison.

Every time New Zealand wins a medal, be it gold, silver or bronze, a special sheet of six stamps will be printed featuring images of the medal winners.

“We’ll be doing a bit of sprinting ourselves and these limited edition stamps will be available to order through the New Zealand Post website shortly after the event,” says Simon Allison.

The stamps can be viewed and ordered online at and a range of Olympic medallist stamps will be available to purchase from selected PostShops.

The medallist stamps are part of a series of collectable stamps and coins produced for Rio 2016 depicting the journey of New Zealand’s Olympic athletes, from training in the New Zealand landscape to their ultimate destination of Rio. The series features elements of NZOC’s “Be the inspiration” ribbon as well as ten icons representing the sports in which New Zealand has previously won gold medals.