World exclusive: Santa breaks silence for first time in 2011

6 November 2011

It’s been confirmed that a letter received by New Zealand Post this week is the work of noted polar philanthropist Santa Claus.

Mr Claus has been in self-imposed exile since 26 December 2010, shortly after completing his annual circumnavigation of the globe delivering gifts to children.  It’s understood he spends the period between January and November each year compiling Excel spreadsheets of children’s names and addresses - broken down into three sub-categories: ‘naughty’, ‘nice’, and ‘too-close-to-call’.

Santa’s silence has remained unbroken throughout 2011, until now – with a letter inviting New Zealand children to write to him indicating what special wishes they have for Christmas this year - including any presents they hope to receive.

“In the letter Santa Claus says he wants to hear from children in this country first, because of the International Date Line, and also because he holds a particular fondness for Kiwi kids and their joyous embrace of Christmas,” New Zealand Post spokesman Michael Tull said.

“We also understand he’s rather fond of the tasty treats which New Zealand families often leave out on Christmas Eve as refreshments for Santa during his deliveries.”

Santa has endeavoured to personally respond, by letter, to all the kids in New Zealand who contact him.

New Zealand Post today released the following extract from Santa’s letter – outlining how to correspond with the legendary Christmas figure:

...  All you have to do is fill in the form on the New Zealand Post website by Wednesday 14 December and I'll send you a letter through the mail in return!  Be sure to fill in your correct address!

Or, if you want to put pen to paper, write me a letter using your favourite stationery, put it in an envelope and stamp it, then post it to:

Santa Claus
Santa's Workshop
North Pole 0001

Don't forget to include your name and full postal address – and to post your letter by Wednesday 14 December.

And be sure to check your letterbox for my response closer to Christmas!

Children with visual impairments can also participate for the first time – as New Zealand Post has worked with the New Zealand Foundation for the Blind to make Large Print and Braille versions of Santa’s responses available - which can be requested at

“We have irrefutable scientific confirmation that the letter we received is from the real Santa,” New Zealand Post spokesman Michael Tull said.

“A hair and fibre analysis of the envelope detected fur from a rare type of flying reindeer – only nine examples of which are known to exist.

Plus DNA testing shows the postage stamp was licked by someone of elf origin."

“It’s official - Santa has returned to the world stage for another year. The big guy’s back in business, and his first priority is corresponding with Kiwi kids,” Michael Tull said.