New Zealand Post has launched a new Health and Wellness community programme called ActivePost.

Our goal is to get more New Zealanders active, contributing to improved levels of health and wellness, benefiting individuals, communities and ultimately New Zealand.

Starting with a few key partners, we will over time, support a broad range of programmes and activities to reach and benefit as many New Zealanders as we can.

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New Zealand Cricket

Cricket is the great Kiwi summer game, and New Zealand Post and New Zealand Cricket have joined forces to help introduce the sport to 100,000 youngsters a year.

The ActivePost National Schools Programme operates through clubs, communities and schools supporting participation, coaching and umpiring activities. New Zealand Post is delighted it an play its part in helping promote New Zealand Cricket junior formats such as Have-A-Go cricket (5-8 year olds) and Kiwi Cricket (7-10 year olds).

Read our media release, Inspiring Kiwi kids to take to the pitch.

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Small Sticks

New Zealand Post is pleased to be supporting Hockey New Zealand and the Small Sticks programme developing the next generation of hockey players.

Small Sticks is Hockey New Zealand’s nationally branded junior programme, designed to attract children aged 4–13 into hockey and foster a lifelong love of the sport. Small Sticks allows children to play hockey at a level equal to their ability, with the correct equipment and in the appropriate game format.

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Get Set Go

Athletics New Zealand run a Fundamental Movement Skills programme for primary schools called Get Set Go. The programme has been proven on a small scale through regional trials and is now ready for national rollout.

Over time activity levels of New Zealand children have declined and by partnering with Athletics New Zealand and Regional Sports Trusts, New Zealand Post can help young people develop a love of sport and recreation that leads to lifelong participation. To achieve this, young people must learn fundamental movement skills, be confident that they can participate and have positive expectations.

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Water Safety

Having fun in, on and around water is a significant part of the New Zealand way of life. We want to encourage people to get active and enjoy water based activity, but we want them to be safe. We have therefore teamed up with TVNZ to launch a national communications campaign to raise awareness of the need for water safety skills.

Together with Water Safety New Zealand we will also implement a communications strategy that utilises traditional and social Maori activities to develop and promote the importance of appropriate water safety skills, attitudes and behaviours to Maori at a time when they are over represented in drowning statistics.

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Waka Ama

We are pleased to be the national sponsor of Waka Ama, one of New Zealand's fastest growing sports. New Zealand Post will work with Water Safety New Zealand and Waka Ama to promote the water safety message to New Zealanders and their communities regionally, while growing the numbers taking part across all ages.

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Bikes in Schools

New Zealand Post and Active Post are proud to support the Bikes in Schools programme through the Hikurangi Foundation.

Bikes in Schools is a unique concept which aims to provide all pupils at primary schools regular and equal access to a bike, bike helmet and specially designed bike tracks, within the school environment.

The aim is to encourage pupils to become more active and healthy, help them develop various bike skills, build their self esteem and confidence, all while in a safe and familiar environment.

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