What can you apply for?

Find out what your organisation can apply for. There are two offers, one for national organisations and one for local/regional organisations.

National organisations (those with multiple branches or national reach)

National organisations can apply for:

  • DLE postage included envelopes and/or
  • NZ Post address database health check (data cleanse)

Note: national organisations applying for Community Post as one organisation (on behalf of their regional branches), need to advise their regional branches that they can’t apply individually as their application will not be considered.

Local/regional organisation (not part of a national organisation)

Local/regional organisations can apply for:

  • Up to 500 DLE postage included envelopes
  • NZ Post address database health check (data cleanse)

We are offering not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for an NZ Post address database health check (data cleanse). The health check simply and efficiently cleanses your address database or mailing list by matching your data to NZ Post’s postal address file, assigns postcodes and formats your data according to addressing rules.

The health check will also update incorrect address information where possible (including appending missing information such as postcode or suburb) and highlighting incorrect addresses that can’t be updated, providing not-for-profit organisations with a more accurate database of its members.

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Do you have questions about Community Post?

Email us at communitypost@nzpost.co.nz.