Community Initiative

Community Initiative

NZ Post has been connecting communities within New Zealand for almost 180 years. This year, we are launching our new community initiative. This initiative will provide selected organisations who are working on initiatives to improve connection, belonging and inclusion with free NZ Post courier pick up and delivery. 

We are piloting the programme in early 2021, and have up to 14,000 free courier pick up and deliveries to give away between March – June 2021.

Applications were open between Friday 22 January and Sunday 31st January.

Your application will be reviewed by a team of NZ Post people who will select projects and initiatives that best fit our set criteria and align with our goal of supporting increased connection, belonging & inclusion within New Zealand.  

The programme will be officially launching in mid 2021, so keep an eye out for more information coming soon. 


Application Form

Please note, your initiatives must occur during the specified time frame. For the pilot this is from March to 30 June 2021. Our peak periods will not be included.

We will be providing the free courier through the set up of an E-ship account. This is best suited to organisations that will be sending 500 or more parcels during pilot period and own their own printer.

Status message

Sorry…This form is closed to new submissions.
  1. Applications to take part in the Programme (pilot phase) are open to all New Zealand-based organisations. Please consider the extent to which your organisation meets the evaluation criteria when deciding whether to apply. Organisations associated with employees and contractors of New Zealand Post Limited and their immediate families are eligible to apply but must declare a conflict of interest and are not eligible to be entered in the People’s Choice voting.
  2. Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday, 29 January 2021.
  3. To apply, you must submit an online application form, including as much detail in the answers as possible to enable NZ Post to evaluate your application against the published evaluation criteria. NZ Post takes no responsibility for any technical issues which may delay or prevent you from applying by the required time.
  4. Only one application will be accepted per organisation, but the application may include more than one project.
  5. Each applicant will be notified by email by Friday 26 February 2021 whether they have been accepted to participate in the Programme (pilot phase), including the value of free courier services offered. The evaluation panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Successful applicants (participants) for the Programme (pilot phase) will receive: 
    1. free courier services, up to the maximum amount applied for, for the purpose of the project for which you have applied. Your entitlement to free courier services is not transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash, and. and lapses on 30 June 2021 – all courier pickups booked on or after 1 July 2021 will be charged at standard rates;
    2. the opportunity to be chosen to be entered into the People’s Choice voting process, in which NZ Post employees and contractors will vote for their favourite organisation to receive an extra year’s worth of free courier services.
  7. In order to redeem the free courier services, NZ Post will set participants up to use eShip (if not already using this tool). Once eShip is implemented, you can start using your free courier services. Any courier services booked before this date, or at any time using other channels, will be charged at standard rates, and no refund or credit will be provided.
  8. Use of NZ Post’s services implies full acceptance of NZ Post’s standard terms for those services (or your current contract with NZ Post if you have one), including as to delivery targets, addressing and packaging, compensation, your liability and prohibited items.
  9. The winner of the People’s Choice award will be notified by Friday 19 March 2021.
  10. NZ Post is collecting your details only for the purpose of the Programme (pilot phase). Information held about unsuccessful applicants will only be used to notify you about the next Programme application opportunity. You may look at and correct any personal information that we hold about you.
  11. By agreeing to participate in the Programme (pilot phase), each participant acknowledges that they consent to
    1. NZ Post’s use of the participant’s imagery and information for internal People’s Choice award voting and for marketing of the Programme, and general NZ Post PR purposes in consultation with each participant;
    2. and provide reporting, interviews and imagery highlighting the impact their project and the courier services supplied have had.
  12. Your application to participate implies full acceptance of these Terms.

How effective will the proposed initiative be at improving connection, belonging and inclusion for New Zealand? 
I.e., How well does it achieve one or more of the following areas (Consider depth of impact? 

  • Support connection within communities: I.e., Connect people within their neighbourhood / culture / a group they identify with.  
  • Enable people to support one another: I.e., volunteering or donating. 
  • Provide informational support: I.e., access to support from services and/or their own networks. 
  • Help people to feel they belong: I.e., Encourage healthy relationships and connections.  
  • Helping people to feel better due to increased connection: I.e., Improve feelings of self-worth, confidence and increased wellbeing 

Score: /30

How effectively can the organisation provide impact reporting aligned with what NZ Post requires. I.e. How well can the organisation: 

  • Identify the community it is supporting (Size and group) 
  • Measure how effectively the organisation has either:  
  • Created positive behaviour change 
  • Increased skills, or  
  • Improved quality of life for individuals. 

Score: /20


How aligned is the organisation/initiative to NZ Post? 

  • How important is courier delivery to the success of the initiative?  
  • Will courier services directly support impact or is it revenue generating? 
  • How well does this link to our value and business purpose? 

Score: /10 

How well does the project/initiative fit with the timing and product requirements?  

  • Is the organisation able to predict when the product will be sent? 
  • Is the organisation able to predict how much product will be sent? 

Score: /10 


Does the initiative have environmental benefits? 

  • Reducing waste 
  • Reducing carbon emissions 
  • Supporting biodiversity 

Score: /10 


How well can we tell the story of the initiative/organisation?  

  • Are there compelling stories of individuals we could tell?  
  • How well does this initiative resonate with our people and communities? 

Score: /20 

Total: /100