Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme

Our Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme – Meet EVAN (our electric Van) 

Sustainability is a big deal to all of us at NZ Post and we’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral from 2030. A key part of reducing our carbon emissions from our delivery network is moving to safe, sustainable electric vehicles (EVs).   

The information below is specific to any NZ Post delivery contractors who may be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle. If you want to know more about other work programmes – check out our sustainability strategy and how we’re electrifying our own fleet.  

Our EVAN Programme has been set up specifically to help our contractors to understand the benefits and differences of electric and other low emissions vehicles as well as buy their own EV. 

The programme includes material on EVs differences, feedback from test drivers as well as Total Cost of Ownership material and information on how to access funding from NZ Post.  

NZ Post EVAN funding

We know that while an electric vehicle costs a lot less to run, the initial purchasing cost can be a barrier. Because of this, NZ Post is making up to half a million dollars available each year to help our delivery contractors invest in these eco-friendly vans.

NZ Post will contribute to the purchase cost of an electric vehicle - a minimum of 50% of the price difference between an EV and its petrol/diesel equivalent (as determined by NZ Post).

Although there isn’t an EV suitable for every type of delivery operation, a wider range will be coming into New Zealand over the next few years. This is why the funding offer will be available until at least 25% of the fleet are in electric vehicles.

Why go electric?

Long-term cost saving:

  • Annual service fees are 50% less*
  • Individuals spend 80% less on fuel each week*
  • They generally have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than petrol/diesel vehicles. Find out more about TCO.

*Based on NZ Post eVan trials.

User experience: 

  • Smooth and quiet to drive – great for playing music!
  • Spacious
  • Regenerative brakes to recharge battery
  • No clutch, gear box or pistons

Environmental benefits:

  • 100% electric means zero carbon emissions

To provide some helpful background, in conjunction with Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), we have developed three videos to bring our delivery contractors up to speed with EV costs, benefits and charging information.



I am an NZ Post delivery contractor – how can I access funding?

The process of applying for funding is really simple, just follow the steps outlined below. To kickstart this process, contact your NZ Post Service Delivery Manager/Area Manager or email [email protected] and we can go from there.

How much funding is available?

The amount of funding available depends on the electric vehicle you are considering and what we consider its equivalent. NZ Post will contribute to the incremental difference and we’ll determine the total funding amount before you make a purchase.

Eligible vehicles must be 100% electric, although some selected models of hybrid vehicles are also eligible. Further terms and conditions apply. For more information, contact your NZ Post Service Delivery Manager/Area Manager or email [email protected]

Hear from NZ Post contractors who have tried an EV



EVs are not right for everyone – yet. But regardless of what powers a vehicle - we know that vehicles are an important part of any contractor’s business and the choices made around vehicle selection, replacement, and purchasing (or leasing) arrangements – can have significant financial and operational impacts. 

Choosing ‘the right’ vehicle is not simply about the initial purchase price – safety, sustainability, end of life value and the on-going running costs are also important points to be considered.

Total Cost of Ownership

In order to help all Contractors with assessing the full costs of a vehicle (not just the purchase price) over its full life, on a per km or per month basis, we’ve produced two flyers to help explain the concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

Your Vehicle Ownership (PDF - 767KB)

When to Upgrade Your Van (PDF - 1.3MB)