Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme

NZ Post’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme

Sustainability is a big deal to all of us at NZ Post and we’re always looking for new, smart ways of doing things - that are not only good for our business, but also good for our planet.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have ambitious carbon reduction plans, with a dedication to be carbon neutral from 2030. A key part of reducing carbon emissions from our delivery network is moving to safe, sustainable electric vehicles (EVs). 

To achieve this, our Electric Vehicle Incentive Programme and a new fund has been established especially for our CourierPost, Pace, Rural Post and Provincial Delivery contractors to help them buy their own EV.

This is a really exciting opportunity for our people and a revolutionary step for our business, with our goal being to electrify 25% of our delivery fleet by 2025. By reducing the emissions of every parcel we deliver, NZ Post is proud to be helping our customers reduce the carbon footprint of sending and receiving their products.

The information below is specific to any NZ Post drivers who may be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle.

Key information for NZ Post delivery contractors

Electric vehicle education

Electric vehicles are a relatively new technology. To provide some helpful background, in conjunction with Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, we have developed three videos to bring our contracted drivers up to speed with EV costs, benefits and charging information.



NZ Post has also been piloting five electric vans in the network over the last 12 months. We spoke to some of those who’ve tried to them to find out what they thought.



Independent Total Cost of Ownership advice

We're working with an independent advisor to provide Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) education and advice to help our delivery contractors choose the right vehicle for them. We will be releasing more information on the TCO concept by September and our drivers will be directly notified of these details by their NZ Post Service Delivery Managers or Area Managers.

Electric vehicle financial incentive

We know that while an electric vehicle costs a lot less to run, many of our people may find the initial purchasing cost to be a barrier. Because of this, NZ Post is making up to half a million dollars available each year to help our contracted drivers invest in these eco-friendly vans. If you are one of our eligible drivers and you’d like to know more, click here.

NZ Post will contribute to the purchase cost of an electric vehicle - a minimum of 50% of the price difference between an EV and its petrol/diesel equivalent as determined by NZ Post. This will be funded from our existing decarbonisation fund. 

Although there isn’t an EV suitable for every type of delivery operation at the moment, a bigger range will be coming into New Zealand over the next few years. This is why the funding offer will be available until at least 25% of the fleet are in electric vehicles.


This programme has been specifically set up to benefit our NZ Post delivery contractors, the environment and the communities which we operate in. It aims to:

  • Lower the risks associated with EV purchase for early adopters;
  • Build a low carbon, resilient delivery network;
  • Ensure the NZ Post supply chain (specifically our contracted drivers) are part of a Just Transition to a low carbon economy;
  • Create further demand (and therefore supply) for EVs in New Zealand; and
  • Contribute to the achievement of New Zealand EV and low carbon goals.

You can find more information on what else we are doing in the EV space here.

Funding for NZ Post delivery contractors

I am a NZ Post delivery contractor – how can I access funding?

The process of applying for funding is really simple, just follow the steps outlined below:

To kickstart this process, contact your NZ Post Service Delivery Manager/Area Manager or email [email protected] and we can go from there.

How much funding is available?

The amount of funding available depends on the electric vehicle you are considering and what we consider its equivalent. NZ Post will contribute to the incremental difference and we’ll determine the total funding amount before you make a purchase.

Eligible vehicles must be 100% electric, although some selected models of hybrid vehicles are also eligible. Further terms and conditions apply. For more information, contact your NZ Post Service Delivery Manager/Area Manager or email [email protected]