NZ Post ‘Guess the Goodies’ prize-draw at the Block Party – 10 Sept 2017

  1. The competition is open to New Zealand residents 18 years or over. Employees of New Zealand Post Limited (NZ Post/Promoter), its related companies, employees, contractors and their immediate families, are not eligible to enter.
  2. If a prize is won by a person under the age of 18, it will instead be awarded to the winner's parent or legal guardian.
  3. Prizes will be drawn on the afternoon of 10 September 2017 at the NZ Post stand. The competition runs on 10 September 2017 only.
  4. To enter, you must follow the instructions at the NZ Post stand at The Block Party event held at the Challenge Warehouse.
  5. One entry form is allowed per entrant and entrants are only eligible to win a maximum of one prize.
  6. There are ten parcels in total, with one prize to be won inside each.
  7. Each entry form offers entrants up to ten guesses, one per parcel, giving each entrant a chance to win one of the ten available prizes.
  8. Entrants must use each number (1-10) only once on their entry form. Any entry form with a number repeated will be null and void.
  9. Prizes will be drawn one at a time from 1-10 and for each prize, NZ Post will draw one entry form out of the entry box. If the entrant has correctly matched the prize item to the parcel number that it is inside on the entry form, then the entrant will win the corresponding prize.
  10. Once an entrant has won a prize, their entry form will be removed from the rest of the draw.
  11. If the drawn entrant did not guess correctly, their entry form will be returned to the draw for the remaining chances. NZ Post will continue to draw entries until they draw an entry form with the correct guess.
  12. In the event where no entrants guess correctly and no prizes have been awarded after a period of 10 minutes, NZ Post will award prizes 1-10 to the next randomly selected entry forms from the entry box.
  13. If the winner isn't present at the prize draw NZ Post will use the details provided on the entry form to contact them. If NZ Post does not receive a response within 24 hours of sending an email, text or attempting to call the winner, NZ Post reserves the right to give the prize to another winner, who will be drawn at random from the remaining entries.
  14. The draw is final and NZ Post will not enter into correspondence regarding the draw.
  15. The prize is not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  16. By accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that his or her name and photograph may be used for publicity purposes.
  17. NZ Post is collecting participant’s details only for the purpose of this competition.  After the winner has been notified, all unsuccessful entries will be destroyed. Each participant may look at and correct any personal information that NZ Post holds about them.