A fast oyster is a fresh oyster

"NZ Post help us to speed-deliver our premium oysters nationwide. It’s also great that we can track where orders are should any of our customers call."
Graeme Wright, Barnes Oysters.

Want to make sure your food arrives fresh? Now you can thanks to a speedy delivery solution that puts freshness front and centre.

Barnes Wild Bluff OystersOpens in a new window. are renowned the world over for their freshness, taste and the purity of the environment they grow in.

You can imagine, then, the importance of delivering this fine food source in the fastest way possible in order to preserve their freshness and flavor.

Working together, NZ Post enables Barnes Wild Bluff Oysters to deliver direct to retail businesses throughout New Zealand.

First and foremost, the process requires speed. Ice, after all, melts. Barnes take special care to pack their product in special polybin containers to keep the temperature constant. These bins are then delivered fast – from Invercargill to outlets across the country.

Oysters everywhere

Depending on the weather, an average of 100 polybins are sent out a day, with operations running throughout oyster season between March and August.

The process is now so streamlined that, if ordered by 9.30am, NZ Post can Same-Day oysters to Central Otago. And the rest of the country doesn’t have to wait long either, thanks to NZ Post’s overnight delivery capability.

Knowing when your main dish is going to turn up is incredibly important in the food business. That’s why Barnes Wild Bluff Oysters use CourierPost’s tracking online tool to keep a close eye on where their precious cargo is, as it makes its way across the country, and onto a plate near you.

Want to get it to your customers fast? Now you can.