"I knew the delivery side of things was in good hands, so I could concentrate on growing my business." Simon Phillips, Owner, Fitwear.

A healthy business model

Want to turn your home business into a global success? If Fitwear can, so can you.

Simon Phillips is not a man to keep still. Dissatisfied with the fitness clothing on offer, he decided to go out and make his own. He liked what he’d come up with and so did his gym buddies. Word soon got out, orders came in and Simon had himself a nice little start-up business. And thus, Fitwear was launched.

At first, it was easy to keep up with demand. He had a basic website, his parents’ dining room for an office and a quantity of orders he could cope with. But being the ever-ambitious type, Simon wanted to sell Fitwear internationally. That’s when he turned to NZ Post and CourierPost.

With NZ Post’s global capabilities behind him, the number of orders he could fill swiftly ran into the hundreds. Fitwear was flexing its biceps.

The combination of a good product, supported by NZ Post’s expertise in eCommerce logistics meant growth was inevitable. Simon was implementing ideas as fast as they were offered.

First, an online system for labels that automatically incorporates customer details with the right parcel and tracking number. Combined with prompt delivery, this gave his customers the confidence to trust his brand.

Next, Simon wanted help importing his clothing line in quantities ranging from small packages to sea-freight pallets. NZ Post handled customs clearance and the other tricky bits importers often come up against. Kilos of goods soon turned to tonnes and international shipping containers were filling up fast.

CourierPost efficiently delivered goods to Kiwi customers, while NZ Post’s international logistics team of experts took care of Simon’s overseas customers.

He even asked NZ Post to bulk freight shelving fixtures for his new Palmerston North store.

Now Simon is importing his new line of health supplements and, if we know him at all, more products will probably follow soon.

Want to turn your home business into a global success? If Fitwear can, so can you.

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