A world of shopping at your doorstep

"With my YouShop account I can shop globally, and grab hard-to-get guitars and banjos that I used to only be able to dream about" Dan, rare guitar and banjo enthusiast.

Want to shop for something ‘hard-to-get’ from overseas? Now you can thanks to YouShop, which provides you with an overseas delivery address in the US and UK (for shopping across Europe).

Dan loves banjos and guitars. They make his life worth living. He treasures them, polishes and yes, plays them.

The only trouble is, the New Zealand market is limited. There are only so many open-back 5-strings in the country, and sometimes, if he wants to find something truly unique, he has to look beyond our shores, to larger markets with more choice.

This was always a problem Dan found, thanks to his lack of an overseas address. He’d be surfing the web, looking for something special, and lo and behold, there was his baby. Deliriously happy he’d head to the online check out only to be unceremoniously turned away by the standard ‘Sorry, we don’t ship to New Zealand’ message.

The good news is, that’s easier to overcome now, thanks to NZ Post’s YouShop service.

The beauty of YouShop is that it provides you with an overseas address in the country you’re shopping in. YouShop has addresses available for the UK (for shopping across Europe) and the US. That means you can shop the world over, all from the one account.

It’s easy. Just buy what you want online in any of the above locations, then add your relevant YouShop address as the ‘delivery address’ when you’re checking out. You then just wait for YouShop to email to tell you your parcel has arrived.

Once it arrives all you do is pay NZ Post’s competitive postage rates to get your parcel back to NZ. Simple.

It means Dan never need miss out on another New Orleans banjo beauty.

Want to shop around the world? You can