"It’s about choice, convenience and security – people feel better about delivery to a business address, rather than their home, when there might not be somebody there."
Miff Macdiarmid, Brand Manager, Torpedo7

Giving customers what they want

Want to give online shoppers speedy in-store delivery? If Torpedo7Opens in a new window. can do it, so can you.

In today’s competitive online retailing world, customer convenience is king – and NZ Post is helping Torpedo7 stay ahead of the pack.

The outdoor and adventure sports multi-channel retailer is dedicated to putting what the customer wants at the top of the list, backed all the way by NZ Post’s delivery systems.

Miff Macdiarmid, Torpedo7’s Brand Manager, recognises the value of the relationship. “Delivery is an absolutely critical part of what we do – it’s one of the most important things customers judge us on.”

Founded in 2004 as an online retailer, Torpedo7 made two critical business moves in October 2014: it joined forces with bricks-and-mortar outdoor goods retailer R&R Sport, and it added a Click & Collect Service – supported by NZ Post – to its customer offering.

People want the option to Click & Collect

Previously, door-to-door was the only delivery method for Torpedo7’s online customers. Click & Collect was introduced to give people the option of picking up purchases from a convenient Torpedo7 or The Warehouse Store.

The new service has been a winner: Torpedo7 customers have used Click & Collect for more than 14,000 purchases since the service was introduced.

“We had observed the overseas competition and saw the emerging trend,” Miff says. “Click & Collect gave our customers choice – we’re not corralling them into having to accept home delivery.

Miff says that NZ Post enabled Torpedo7 to move from a two/three-day to an overnight service for inter-island deliveries. Adding in the overnight Click and Collect service surprised and delighted customers – the sheer convenience and reliability is increasing sales as well as trust in the Torpedo7 brand – something that is very important for the online business.

“NZ Post worked very closely with our warehouse and fulfilment teams to squeeze every minute out of the day. It means that if a customer orders before 3.30pm, they can pick it up as early as 9am the next day. That adds a wow factor.”

Always evolving

Miff continues, “NZ Post have been a great partner with us over the years. When you go back ten years, e-commerce was relatively new – we were one of the few online businesses.

“As e-commerce has evolved, we now face competition here and from overseas. We realised we had to be ahead of the game. ”NZ Post’s systems are flexible enough to deal with big volume surges, Miff says.

Torpedo7 also owns 1-day.co.nz, New Zealand’s leading product-based daily deals site.1-day.co.nz started in 2007, starting with 3 products a day, evolving to today offering 300+ insanely priced products that last only 24 hours.

“1-day shifts up to 30,000 orders in a week – that puts us under a lot of pressure as a business. Miff says. “We’ve worked with NZ Post, constantly innovating. We’ve made lots of system and process changes in collaboration with NZ Post to accommodate this demand and ensure we deliver when we say we will”.

Want to wow your customers with choice at the check-out? You can.