“NZ Post is reinventing itself and doing it quickly.  It’s impressive, and it’s probably one of the reasons we like working with them so much.  We get each other, and we're both focused on innovation."  James Stolten, Global Development Manager, Flexo

Kickstarting great things with NZ Post

For a start-up, launching your product is a big milestone, but it's also only the first step.

Ask James Stolten of Flexo – one of New Zealand's Kickstarter success stories – and he’ll tell you getting your product into the hands of customers around the world brings a whole new set of challenges.

“Our Kickstarter was doing brilliantly, which was great. But at some point we realised we're going to have to ship all these products out to people all over the world, at a cost competitive rate."

What Flexo needed was a logistics provider with a local touch and global reach. Say hello to NZ Post.

The perfect provider NZ Post

Flexo uses bendable ‘tendons’ and innovative bricks to create a building system that allows you to connect Lego and other construction bricks in new and wonderful ways. So it made sense that this is exactly what they wanted from a logistics provider – a team who could connect them with their domestic and international customers in a fluid, intuitive way.

After talking to several companies, James and his father Mark (who started Flexo together from their garage in East Auckland) decided NZ Post was the way to go.

“The big thing for us was actually meeting with Raaz and Kylee from NZ Post. They came to our house, looked at the business and what we were trying to do, and customised solutions that worked for us. As a New Zealand made product we needed a partner that could help us service the world.”

A one-stop shop for logistics

From a cup of coffee in the family kitchen, a relationship developed that saw NZ Post playing a pivotal role in enabling the business.

From helping import custom-made storage boxes from China for packaging orders, to providing a range of parcel delivery options including sea-freight, air-freight, International Courier, International Express, International Air Tracked Satchel and more. “I was surprised by the range that was offered by NZ Post. It really was the full package.”

From the modern Auckland-based Operations Centre, with its auto-sorting capability, NZ Post can send parcels with impressive speed to anywhere in the country and to more than 220 international destinations.

“We’ve delivered about 4,000 packages, most of them international. For the most part, it’s been plain sailing, which is so important when you’re starting out with limited resources.

"As a business we're not drowned in paperwork and can focus on innovation.”

A better experience online

It’s not just the physical delivery of parcels where NZ Post has been able to make a difference. They've also been instrumental in helping deliver a superior customer experience online.

Using NZ Post's APIs, all the shipping options are integrated into the online shopping cart, and with eShip, NZ Post’s cloud-based shipping app, deliveries are automatically processed, including customs declarations.

“All their backend systems are integrated with my website,” says James. “Their system pushes information to our system, so for every sale, our customers know exactly how much it's going to cost. The rates load automatically. It’s really top-notch.”

Just the start of things to come

Looking to the future, NZ Post is now working to open up major online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, for New Zealand products, including Flexo’s own.

“NZ Post is reinventing itself and doing it quickly. It’s impressive, and it’s probably one of the reasons we like working with them so much. We get each other, and we're both focused on innovation."

Want to grow your business like Flexo. You can.

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