"NZ Post’s Tmall Global store is a very fast and cost effective way of getting into the Chinese market." Barbara Zhang, Marketing Director, Hauora Honey.

Opening the gates to China

Want to crack the Chinese market? If Hauora Honey can, so can you.

Most exporters dream of expanding into the vast Chinese market – but achieving it can be difficult and costly.

Now, New Zealand Post is giving Kiwi exporters a lower-cost way to reach Chinese consumers – an online storefront for selling quality and authentic New Zealand products on Alibaba Group’s Tmall Global platform.

Kiwi brands working together

The Tmall Global store, called ‘Gift from New Zealand’ (Xinxilan), is an exciting opportunity for Kiwi companies to put themselves and their products in front of millions of potential buyers in China.

Hauora Honey is one of the quality brands available on New Zealand Post’s Tmall Global store. Hauora’s marketing director, Barbara Zhang, says the company is delighted with sales growth from the site since it opened in late-2014.

“The business is growing incrementally, both in income and quantity of sales. The customers are very happy – feedback so far has been very positive.

“In my experience, companies find it hard to get into the Chinese market through traditional trade, because the cost and risk associated can be high. NZ Post’s Tmall Global solution is a very fast and cost effective way of getting into China.”

It isn’t just the amazing taste of Kiwi honey that attracts the Chinese buyers. It’s the whole ‘New Zealand’ brand. Barbara says that companies listed on the site benefit from the New Zealand connection, which is popular in China.

“It’s good that New Zealand Post sells New Zealand brands, and the brands support each other – for example, people can buy honey and receive a small postcard from The Hobbit, as a free gift. It’s a win-win – each brand leverages off the other.”

There’s also a growing trend for customers to purchase products across different brands selling on the New Zealand Post store.

Keeping it real

“Before we had the NZ Post solution, our distributors sold our honey with a Chinese and English label. With New Zealand Post, we now sell the same product sold here in New Zealand– this assures Chinese consumers that Hauora Honey is a genuine New Zealand brand.”

Daily orders made on Tmall Global are dispatched from New Zealand Post’s Auckland depot and reach the Chinese customer within 5-10 working days. Barbara says the goods are tracked and customers can easily check delivery progress through China Post’s EMS website.

To make life even easier, NZ Post’s digital agent – based in Shenzhen, Southern China – can handle all customer inquiries in Chinese.
You can focus on marketing

The Tmall Global web store means that companies can share web hosting and marketing costs and NZ Post’s support reduces much of the complexity of selling into China.

New Zealand Post’s Executive General Manager Ecommerce and Customer Solutions Sohail Choudhry said “They can focus more on strategy, marketing and customer relationships, and less on digital operations and logistics, by capitalising on NZ Post’s extensive networks and trusted relationships in China to get their products to consumers.”

Want to sell direct to Chinese customers? You can.

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