"Rather than sending one of my guys off-site, I use BringIt. It means supply issues don’t have to disrupt our day, and the team is on the job, in front of the client all day."
Phil Stewart, PLS Consulting, Project Manager

Parcel pick ups and deliveries in the palm of your hand

Want urgent items picked up and delivered without leaving the job? Now You can thanks to NZ Post’s new BringIt service for your smartphone.

NZ Post has launched a new web-based service that lets customers book urgent parcel deliveries from their smartphones.

Called BringIt, the new service is targeted at anyone who needs something delivered at short notice. Likely users are: tradespeople who don’t want to leave the task at hand; buyers using online auction sites who want something delivered in a hurry; or freelancers who might not have access to office infrastructure, but the potential user-base is as diverse as New Zealand itself.

What makes the service different is that no label or barcode is required. There’s no prepaid bags, and no need for a credit account. Just visit the mobile-friendly site bringit.co.nz then follow a few simple steps to order the courier – all from your smartphone.

NZ Post’s General Manager for BringIt, Michael Stewart, says the newest addition to Pace’s express courier service is great for saving time and money.

“Our couriers do the legwork so project managers and their teams don’t have to lay down their tools and head off site every time an urgent supply issue arises.”

“To make an order, customers key in a few basic details. This includes pick up and drop off points and their preferred speed of service, which determines the cost,” Michael Stewart says.
PLS Consulting Project Manager, Phil Stewart has been using BringIt to get plans and urgent supplies to each of his sites. He says it’s easy and convenient to use.

“I’ve added all my regular suppliers to BringIt and they’re impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service. I’ve recommended it to other builders and my architect is on board as well,” Phil Stewart said.

Although potentially useful to anyone, Michael Stewart points out that NZ Post developed BringIt with small businesses in mind.

“We know that there are around 28,000 trade businesses across the country, more than half of which employ fewer than five staff. These teams don’t always have access to printers and personal assistants so it was about designing a service that can deliver things urgently, without a ton of administration.”

He continues: BringIt is all about innovating, moving with the market and making sure our services are meeting the needs of our customers.”

Want to BringIt quick, without disrupting your team from the job at hand? You can.