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"Delivery is completely seamless from the customer’s perspective." Craig Jordan, The Warehouse Group Chief Digital Officer.

Want to have it delivered your way? Now you can thanks to a bespoke suite of delivery solutions designed around the customer.

Established way back in 1982, The Warehouse is one of New Zealand’s largest retailers, selling a vast range of consumer goods through its nationwide network of 92 stores and over 9,000 team members.

While The Warehouse became a retail powerhouse through traditional in-store retailing, these days customers demand more choice in how they order and receive their purchases.

And that’s where New Zealand Post comes in.

The Warehouse prides itself on being the house of bargains and home of essentials. They’ve always moved in time with changing customer requirements, expanding from their in-store retail base into online shopping – a big move for such a large company.

The epic journey to digital

NZ Post has accompanied The Warehouse from the very start of its epic online journey, working alongside the retailer to establish and constantly improve the delivery process.

Online customers can now enjoy door-to-door delivery, or utilise a ‘click and collect’ option, allowing buyers to purchase their items online and pick up their orders in-store themselves.

Taking advantage of size

One major strength The Warehouse has is the sheer size of its physical network. It fills online orders from seven stores, five in the North Island and two in the South Island. CourierPost picks up and delivers the online orders, using the Connect-it ticketing service.

The ticketing system automatically produces a ticket label from the delivery order, saving time and double-handling.

The Warehouse Group Chief Digital Officer, Craig Jordan says: “The integrated labelling system has proved to be a great step forward, linking our order dispatch system to CourierPost’s Tracking system. It’s completely seamless from the customer’s perspective.”

It’s reliable as well; CourierPost regularly hits its monthly delivery performance targets. The Warehouse values the excellent working relationships between the account management and technical teams of both partners – as Craig says, they are, “very proactive in seeking sound commercial solutions in an ever-changing retail landscape”.

Keeping light-footed

The future is about continuing to respond to changing customer expectations. NZ Post and CourierPost is now working with The Warehouse on a new, expanded user preference delivery system, giving the customer a wider range of delivery options such as same-day delivery or delivery at night.

“The customer has moved into the digital age and wants to shop with The Warehouse their own way,” Craig says. “We want to keep working with New Zealand Post and CourierPost on new, innovative solutions while driving the cost of doing business down.”

Want to stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs? You can.

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