This is a challenging time for New Zealand businesses. To help provide some clarity, we’ve summarised key questions and answers.

We know you’ll have a number of questions, particularly around our role as an essential service. Please understand that these FAQs are based on what we know today and may change over the coming days given the fluid environment we find ourselves in.

Friday 02 April 2020

Can I still return items?

With the Covid-19 Alert Level 4 now in place, the Government has asked NZ Post to continue to pick up and deliver only essential items/goods. This applies to all New Zealanders and businesses. If you have a non-essential item to return, please hold on to this until Level 4 alert has been lifted.

If an essential business has locked its doors for security purposes, can we ask the driver to call when delivering?

It's not feasible for the Courier to call prior to every delivery, but there are a couple of options we can recommend to senders and receivers of essential items:

1.    When sending, include in the delivery instructions: a) confirmation that the item is essential; and b) information on how to deliver the item if there are special requirements (such as a locked door). If a sender has recurring issues, escalate them to us and we can enable scanner popups for the drivers for individual customers.

2.    The receivers should have some sort of signage in place to let Couriers know how to complete deliveries if the process has changed, or the premises are locked. This will assist deliveries for all carriers, not just NZ Post.

Is NZ Post an essential business service?

Yes. NZ Post is an essential business service and will continue to operate during alert level 4. This extends to any contractors that provide logistics and courier services on behalf of NZ Post.

All NZ Post retail agencies and franchises have not been deemed an essential service and will be closed from 11.59pm Wednesday 25 March.

What services will NZ Post continue to offer under Alert Level 4?

NZ Post will do everything it can to maintain service levels across courier and logistic services to deliver essential deliveries such as blood, medical supplies, food and essential home items.

What businesses can still use NZ Post courier services during alert level 4?

Only businesses that are deemed essential by the New Zealand government can operate during the level 4 alert. NZ Post is an essential business service and will continue to operate during level 4. We will do everything we can to maintain service levels across courier and logistic services to deliver essential services. If you are an essential business, NZ Post can provide services for you.

All of NZ Post’s retail services including postage and bill payments will be unavailable until further notice.

I am a NZ Post customer but how do I know if I am also an essential service?

Essential businesses and those that support them – for instance in their supply chains - will continue to provide necessities to all New Zealanders. The New Zealand government continues to update its list of what is deemed to be an essential business. If you are unsure if you are an essential business supplier visit

What does NZ Post need from me?

We’ve emailed our business customers to ask about any changes in pick-up location, change in volume and anything else they may need NZ Post to help with. If your business has previously completed this form but your circumstances have changed, please re-submit the form with up to date information using the link on the email provided.

My business provides services or products to both essential and non-essential businesses, what do I do?

If your business is part of the supply chain for essential businesses, it may continue to supply those critical products and services to essential businesses only.

Can I still courier or post parcels and packages?

With the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 now in place, NZ Post is following Government guidelines for couriering or posting parcels and packages which states:

Essential businesses, and those that support them, will continue to provide the necessities of life for everyone in New Zealand during Alert Level 4.

This means food, medicine, healthcare, energy, fuel, waste-removal, internet and financial support will continue to be available.

As it goes beyond our expertise to define specific items, please click here for more information.

We ask for your support and co-operation during this time to help us ensure that we can get important deliveries to those who need them, while also minimising further transmission of COVID-19.

Do I need to change the way I arrange my courier pick-ups and bookings?

No. You will still need to book a courier as per normal.  If your pick-up address and details have changed you will need to advise this at the time of booking your courier. Physical distancing protocols must be adhered to when your courier is collecting your parcels.

Will you have contact tracing in place?

All deliveries are tracked. Under alert level 4, we leave the courier item for delivery in a safe place as nominated by the customer so that no signature is required. In place of a signature, a photo of the item will be taken as proof of delivery. Specific delivery details should be noted on the courier item for delivery. NZ Post are currently switching most email delivery notifications to SMS notifications where the mobile phone details for the receiver are available. If you are part of this change, we’ll notify you.

If I receive a card to say my courier couldn’t deliver my item, what are my options?

If you receive a Card to Call, please follow the instructions on the back of the card to book a redelivery or redirection online. If you are unable to book, and we have not attempted a redelivery within a few days, please contact us to arrange a redelivery.

You can book a redelivery online at or call us direct on 0800 501 501. Please note though that caller demand is high and we recommend using our online services.

Can NZ Post hold my mail or redirect it for me during alert level 4?

Business customers who wish to redirect their mail should lodge their mail redirection online at You will notice a slight formatting matter where a title (Mr, Mrs, etc.) will need to be selected for business name. If you are concerned about this then email the redirection number (given after redirection is submitted) to [email protected] and the redirections team will fix the format. Standard redirection charges apply for this service.

Will NZ Post hold Courier Post scheduled work?

Yes. NZ Post can hold CP scheduled work if the customer requests this. For modifications to the scheduled work contract, contact your Business Manager.

Is the Parcel Collect service still available?

No. The Parcel Collect service has been suspended and Parcel Collect locations will no longer be an option for Parcel delivery.  All collection addresses will be removed from the NZ Post Locator API.

Any parcels currently in transit or already onsite at a Parcel Collect location will be sent to the closest depot and the customer will be contacted to arrange redelivery to a physical address. Any parcel that is already held at a Countdown supermarket ready for collection will continue to be available.

Will depots be open for collections and drop-offs?

No. Our Depots are closed for collections and drop offs while we are at alert level 4. To arrange a pickup, visit To arrange for redelivery visit, or contact us at

Will NZ Post retail agencies and franchises remain open?

No. All NZ Post retail agencies and franchises have not been deemed an essential service and will be closed from 11.59pm Wednesday 25 March. This will impact the following services:

  • All retail over-the-counter postal and payment services will stop.This extends to sending a parcel domestically or overseas, buying postage included products/stamps and bill payment.
  • Parcel collect service to retail locations/agencies and third parties (such as Countdown) will cease.

Will NZ Post continue to pick up and deliver mail?

Yes. Mail is an essential service and we will continue to pick up and deliver mail.

Will NZ Post deliver to a PO Box?

Yes. Mail is an essential service - therefore Box Lobbies will continue to operate and if the Franchise or Agency has PO Boxes, sorting mail into these PO boxes will continue.

Will NZ Post still be sending international mail and parcels?

NZ Post is currently still sending and receiving international parcels and mail, however the situation is constantly evolving and there may be some delays. For further information on international mail and parcels visit

What do I do if I have a technical issue and need support for labelling platforms or integrations?

NZ Post continues to provide technical support and have our support team doing this remotely.

Contact details for our Customer Technology support channels are as below:

Application Support

Integration Support

0800 374 477
[email protected]

Shipping APIs
[email protected]

Red Click
[email protected]

ECL.Online (Manifest Integration)
[email protected]

Ticket-it (for unmigrated customers)
0800 783 783 (option 1)
[email protected]

Lodgement Manager
[email protected]

I am an essential business but do not have a printer. How can I send Parcels?

You can still purchase prepaid tickets and Trackpaks from either our CourierPost or NZ Post websites using a credit card. These will be delivered to you. Please note, during alert level 4 you should use Courier products, which include a pickup from your home or premises.

Are Box Lobbies open?

NZ Post Box Lobbies will remain open but with reduced operating hours. NZ Post will continue to deliver to Box Lobbies, however we may need to sort throughout the day rather than by our usual target times. All deliveries received will still be sorted on the same day.

We do ask that while you are at the PO Box lobby to collect any essential items that have been delivered to your PO Box, you ensure that you maintain a 2 metre distance between yourself and other customers/staff.

I am an essential business and use ParcelPost and have prepaid bags. How do I send these during level 4?

If the parcel is small enough, they can be lodged in street post boxes which will be cleared regularly. Alternatively, we recommend you hold the product and generate a Courier label online which includes a pickup.

As an essential business, can I use NZ Post Rate Finder or Print Postage Online to create postage?

Yes. Rate Finder/Print Postage Online is still available for essential businesses, however Parcel Post (domestic) and International Air Small Parcel do not include a pickup and should not be used for essential sending during alert level 4.

Can I still use Freight Forwards?

Freight Forwards are not impacted and are available for essential business, observing the contactless pickup and delivery methods.

How can I send essential parcels from my rural address?

We recommend generating a label using our Send It Now, or Print Postage Online services, and lodging with your rural driver using the normal method, letter box, or by arrangement.

Will NZ Post still deliver R18 parcels?

Yes. NZ Post will continue to deliver R18 parcels for essential services and the age verification requirement remains in place under the contactless delivery model. Instead of signing, the receiver will verbally state their name from a minimum distance of two meters. The courier driver will continue to take reasonable steps to verify the age if the person looks under 25, while observing distance requirements. If verification is not feasible, the item will be carded.

We continue to be committed to keeping our people, communities and NZ moving as well as possible.

Take care and stay safe.