COVID-19 FAQs - International

This is a challenging time for New Zealand businesses. To help provide some clarity, we've summarised key questions and answers specific to International.

Please understand that these FAQs are based on what we know today and may change over the coming days given the fluid environment we find ourselves in.

31 March 2020

Can I still send parcels internationally during alert level 4?

Only businesses that are deemed essential by the New Zealand government can operate during the level 4 alert. NZ Post is an essential business service and will continue to operate during level 4. According to the latest guidelines and rules issued by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the Ministry of Transport (MoT), NZ Post is only permitted to send essential goods and items via our network. We will do everything we can to maintain service levels across courier and logistic services to deliver essential services.

Why is NZ Post introducing a surcharge on sending parcels overseas?

Due to many flights being suspended, reduced or cut to affected regions, there has been a significant drop in available capacity and an increase in air freight charges with the airlines NZ Post works with to send parcels overseas.

To enable NZ Post to continue to deliver, we need to suspend normal services during the pandemic and introduce International surcharges additional to standard rates. Delivery targets will also differ from normal. This will be effective from 1 April 2020.

What is the surcharge?

The surcharge is additional to the standard delivery rate and will vary based on the country you are sending to. Find out more about international surcharge updates here.

How long will the surcharge be in place?

The surcharge will stay in place until airline capacity supply is back to normal, but in the meantime may continue to change. Please check here for the current surcharges.