Temporary closures to retail outlets

From 11.59pm Wednesday 25th March NZ Post retail outlets will close. All over the counter services will be unavailable until further notice.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked through the implications for NZ Post services following the Government’s decision yesterday to move New Zealand to the COVID-19 alert Level 4 in the next 24 hours.

While NZ Post’s courier and mail delivery services have been deemed essential services to ensure delivery of necessities to New Zealand, NZ Post’s retail over the counter services including postage and bill payments are considered to be non-essential.

As a result, from 11.59pm Wednesday 25th March NZ Post retail outlets will close, and all over the counter services will be unavailable until further notice. This will help reduce the risk to staff and customers of social transmission of the virus.

We will be providing more detailed information on the changes to our services over the coming days as we appreciate that there are many questions. This is a challenging time for all of us, but we are committed to keeping our people, customers and communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Payment Services

Due to the temporary closure of NZ Post retail stores, all bill payment services normally offered in a NZ Post retail store will now also be unavailable until further notice. This includes all bill payments, vehicle services and mobile top-ups. Please contact the provider of your service directly for alternative ways to pay your bills.

Sending Mail and Parcels

With the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 now in place, the Government has asked NZ Post to continue to deliver essential items/goods only. This requirement applies to all New Zealanders and businesses, and includes the provision of food, medicine, healthcare, energy, fuel, waste-removal, internet and financial support. All other businesses and services are considered non-essential during this time.

This means you must only post or courier items that are deemed essential. As it goes beyond our expertise to define specific items, please click here for more information. Please be aware, the Government can change the definition of essential items/businesses at any time. Please keep yourself up to date with these changes.

We ask for your support and co-operation during this time to help us ensure that we can get important deliveries to those who need them, while also minimising further transmission of COVID-19.

Sending Mail:
If you need to send essential mail domestically or internationally, our posting boxes will still be cleared at regular intervals.

If you normally purchase your stamps through one of our NZ Post retail outlets, for reasons above this will not be possible for now. Stamps will be available throughout NZ Alert Level 4 in businesses providing essential services such as Countdown, some pharmacies, convenience stores etc. Please note that stock levels may vary. Stamps are also available to purchase in larger quantities on our website by clicking here.

Sending Parcels:
If you need to send an essential parcel within New Zealand, you can arrange a courier using the CourierPost Send It Now service. Please note, any pickup/collection points will need to follow Government COVID-19 requirements. When collecting, please ensure social distancing of 2 metres between yourself/your team, and our courier.

If you need to send an essential parcel internationally, you can print postage online. Please select a courier service which includes pickup up from your home, or if your item is small, our posting boxes will still be cleared at regular intervals.

Please note that this option is not available for our International Air Small Parcels service.

If you have already applied a courier ticket or label to your delivery and need to book a pickup, please book a pickup online or by calling us on 0800 COURIER (0800 268 743).

Box Lobbies

NZ Post Box Lobbies will remain open but with reduced operating hours. NZ Post will continue to deliver to Box Lobbies, however we may need to sort throughout the day rather than by our usual target times. All deliveries received will still be sorted on the same day.

We do ask that while you are at the Box Lobby to collect any essential items that have been delivered to your PO Box, you ensure that you maintain a 2 metre distance between yourself and other customers/staff.

Parcel Collect

From midday Wednesday 25th March we will no longer be able to deliver to a Parcel Collect location until further notice.

Please ensure you do not use a Parcel Collect delivery address when shopping online.

If you already have a parcel on its way, or currently have a parcel waiting for you at a collect location, we’ll take it to one of our depots and get in touch with you via the details you have provided through your online NZ Post account to arrange redelivery to an alternate address.

If you have been notified that you have a parcel ready for collection at Countdown, you can still collect it on your next visit. However, no new parcels will be sent to Countdown after Wednesday 25th March until further notice.

Card to Call

Parcel collection is no longer available from our depots or retail outlets if we were unable to deliver your parcel first time.

If you receive a card advising that we were unable to deliver your parcel, please follow the instructions on the back of the card to book a redelivery or redirection online. If you are unable to book and we have not attempted a redelivery within a few days, please contact us via the link below to arrange a redelivery.

If you have a card instructing you to collect a parcel at one of our depots or retail stores not yet collected, we have already taken it to one of our operating branches so that you can book a redelivery at nzpost.co.nz/tools/parcelforyou or by contacting us directly.

While we always aim to process your redelivery as quickly as possible, this may take a little longer than usual.

Helping to get your parcels to you

To make receiving your essential parcels easier and safer during this time, you can help us by choosing one of our non-signature required delivery options or by setting up a Parcel Leave authority which gives us permission to leave your parcel/s in a safe and secure place of your choice on your property.  Parcel Leave also limits close contact between you and our people.

Click here to set up Parcel Leave (terms and conditions apply).