A secure cloud-based archive system

Store and share all customer communications and enterprise documents from a secure cloud-based archive system based in New Zealand.

NZ Post’s archive system solves the problem of finding secure storage that meets regulatory requirements. Use it to power your online customer communications, integrate with other business systems and manage electronic documents at scale.

Secure hosting located in New Zealand

NZ Post's in house managed cloud-based system is designed to meet sovereignty and privacy requirements, and document storage regulations.

Power your online customer communications

Power your online customer communications from a single hub. Send email, SMS and push notifications to social or mobile channels. Deliver PDF documents to your web platform.

Electronic document management from a single archive

Store and share all your client communications and enterprise documents from single, integrated archive system.

Automation for managing data at scale

Process bulk document files, using automated database processes to categorise and index every document for rapid storage and sharing.

Multiple integrations

Combine your own CRM, ERP and marketing systems with our archive system to support your customer or enterprise communications.

Let’s talk

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