Lion NZ

Want to change the way you talk to your customers, start new conversations and demonstrate your value? Now you can, with NZ Post Dynamic Statements.

“It’s a great way for Lion to be able to create brand awareness – it gives us a point of difference with customers.”
Anne Wilson,
National Credit Manager, Lion NZ

You could call it the holy grail of marketing - a way of talking to your customers that they always read! Dynamic Statements enable you to create attractive statements with offers tailored to individual customer needs. It’s all about making sending and receiving statements a vastly more positive experience.

NZ Post began working with its first Dynamic Statements customer, Lion NZ, in mid-2015 – and they are very happy with the results.

“We can customise the statement content to different buying groups and introduce and promote products that we feel would provide further business opportunities for them,” says Lion’s National Credit Manager, Anne Wilson.

“It’s not just giving customers the option to receive their statements online but also to check their statement details are correct, so any anomalies or queries can be addressed quickly. It’s another touch point, making it easier for customers to do business with us, increasing customer engagement and service - and that’s huge.”

A famous customer

Lion is New Zealand's largest alcoholic beverage company with a focus on production, marketing, sales and distribution of some of the country's best-loved brands, as well as a range of non-alcoholic beverages.

Lion approached NZ Post looking to switch from print to electronic invoicing for the 124,000 statements it issues annually – presenting the perfect opportunity to try out NZ Post’s Dynamic Statements firsthand.

“When they came to us they had a very standard landscape printed statement – and they wanted to move to email,” says NZ Post Customer Communications Management Consultant, Angela Ackroyd.

“We said, why don’t you do this too? Dynamic Statements are in HTML5 format so information can be easily varied. You can have different offers for different types of customers, including YouTube clips, surveys, graphs showing different types of spend, even ‘pay now’ buttons, as long as the data can be presented to us.”

A successful trial

Lion initially trialled the electronic statement with its Liquor King retail outlet. Anne says this produced “100% positive feedback”, and electronic statementing is now being rolled out to other customers.

Anne says the move to electronic invoicing is already creating big cost savings for Lion, by avoiding postage and stationery expenses, as well as efficiency gains for the company and its customers.

Getting personal

“It’s particularly helpful when there are queries on the account. We get them earlier, and can turn them around quicker,” Anne says. “Migrating to email has been an opportunity to update our database. It’s improved our data integrity by making sure the statement goes to the correct person.”

She says the statement includes direct links to Lion’s customer portal, making it easier for the customers to do business. “The format is new and innovative – it looks and feels really good.”

Australia is interested

Lion’s Australian arm is impressed with the success of the new statementing format in New Zealand, and is looking to adopt something similar, Anne says.

Lion New Zealand has not yet tapped into the full potential of Dynamic Statementing, though Anne says the coming Christmas/New Year holiday season offers great potential to use it for marketing-tailored customer offers.

“I’m tasked to reduce cost, create efficiencies and increase customer engagement. Working with NZ Post has made it very easy to do that,” says Anne.

“I think NZ Post are great business partners. They have the right people to get the job done – the project wouldn’t have been as successful without that high level of engagement,” she says

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