Loyalty NZ

Want to put your message in your customers’ hands? Now you can thanks to NZ Post’s direct mail capabilities.

“Direct mail remains a channel with significant reach. We get very strong cut-through – a lot stronger response rates than email."
Kim Rousell, Marketing Services Manager, Loyalty New Zealand

Owned and run by Loyalty New Zealand, Fly Buys is New Zealand’s largest customer loyalty programme. They use NZ Post direct mail because even in the digital age, it’s still one of the most effective ways to talk to their 2.5 million customers in the most relevant way.

Kim Rousell is their Marketing Services Manager. She’s quick to explain how Fly Buys and NZ Post work together with another Loyalty New Zealand business – LAB360 – to drive tangible results.

“LAB360 supports the Fly Buys programme by using data analytics to help businesses understand customer behaviours and align offers to them,” she says.

This behavioural knowledge is converted into a tailored offer that forms part of Fly Buys’ ‘points summary update’, which is mailed by NZ Post to every customer.

“The points summary is a direct mail piece that accompanies the rewards catalogue we send out. It’s our primary project with NZ Post, and there are literally hundreds of iterations.

“It’s our most complicated piece of mail in terms of dynamic content that has to be changed out. And it works like clockwork now. I’ve seen it in operation and it blows my mind – NZ Post are leaders in this type of technology,” Kim says.

“It’s been a challenge in the last year – we used to send out this communication every two months, but we’ve now moved to a monthly cycle. There’s been a lot of pressure on NZ Post to do a complex job really quickly, and they’ve been really efficient in getting this to market.”

Kim says Fly Buys gets spikes in reward redemption by customers after every direct mailout – which puts pressure on the Fly Buys contact centre. But she says NZ Post has helped develop a solution that balances out the number of calls they receive.

“They’re very responsive to a new brief. We’re quite often under the pump to deliver something quickly – for example, we might need to get a direct mail piece out to combat a competitor in the market.

“We have a strong, long-standing relationship with NZ Post – they understand our business really thoroughly. I see them as experts in direct mail – they are exemplary. They have really strong technology that means they can drive efficiency,” Kim says

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