Tracking API case studies

Developers all over the country are finding unique ways to use our tracking application programming interface (API) - watch this space for updates as new APIs become available.


12 December 2013

Take a look at our blog post that explains what commands the Twitterbot understands and what the parcel statuses you can receive.

11 September 2010

One for the Twitterers. Follow @nzposttracking on Twitter (which will follow you back automatically). You can then send a direct message like ‘watch JB123456789NZ’ or 'status JB123456789NZ'. If you choose to watch an item you’ll get an update whenever your item changes status (no more repeated queries to our Tracking service).

You can even give your tracking number a name e.g. 'watch JB123456789NZ new shirt'. Our Twitterbot will then refer to your item by this name each time you get an update. You can choose to stop receiving updates at any time with ‘stop’.

An added advantage of this service is that it is available to anybody with access to Twitter including the Twitter website, Twitter desktop and mobile apps, and via text message (free if you’re on the Vodafone network).


Google spreadsheet example

16 June 2010

We have created a Google spreadsheet template to demonstrate how the API might be used to keep track of your parcels while they’re in transit. We’ve also created a video demonstration (no sound) of how to use the spreadsheet.


Tracking API updated

12 April 2010
Version 0.5 of the Tracking API has been released. This new version provides a number of improvements including:

  • Initial requests should be significantly faster.
  • A new REST method which supports multiple tracking numbers.
  • JSON can now be returned instead of XML (documentation includes an example of JSONP using jQuery).
  • A new mock service for testing - each call to the mock service progresses a package to the next state.

If you are using the old 0.4 version of the API, this will continue to work as normal, so you don’t have to do anything.

See our details on the Tracking API.

Tracking integrates with WordPress e-commerce plugin

26 February 2010
With more than 500,000 downloads, Kiwi-made Wordpress e-commerce, a Wordpress Shopping Cart Plugin, is one of the most popular e-commerce frameworks in the world. Now, integrated with New Zealand Post's tracking tool, customers can track the delivery status of their online purchases, so it’s even more convenient to buy things online.

Find out more, visit:

Tracking on iPhone

26 February 2010
Lucid Design's first iPhone application, Parcels, has been developed for small businesses or individuals sending or receiving deliveries with New Zealand Post or CourierPost. Parcels stores your unique Tracking number into your iPhone so you can check back regularly to see the status of your delivery.

Find out more visit:

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