Changes to our prices and products from 1 July 2018

We streamlined our International Inbound Bulk Mail offering and implemented a range of price re-alignments across International Inbound Mail services. This included:

  • Consolidation of the International Bulk Mail product suite and pricing realignment
  • Increase to the International Standard Mail rate
  • Increase to the International Clean Mail rate

International Standard Mail

Product Code Product Code Size Price Per Item
GST Zero Rated Excl GST   GST zero Rated/excl GST
IWXLDPM IWLDPM Medium 1.0434
IWXLDP5 IWLDP5 Large 2.0869
IWXLDPO IWLDPO Oversize 3.1304

International Inbound Bulk Mail

Changes to our International Bulk Mail offerings include consolidating existing products into four categories:

  • International VolumePost (replaced existing products International VolumePost 1, International VolumePost 3, International Volume PreSort and International Business Standard)
  • International Go Flexible (replaced existing International Go Flexible, International Business Flexible and International Volume PreSort)
  • International PrintPost (replaced International Print PreSort)
  • International Adcard

Statement of Accuracy

Across this range, we incentivised customers based on their addressing Statement of Accuracy (SOA) and volumes lodged.

This was done by setting up SOA tiers of 95%+, 90 – 94.99%, 80 – 89.99% and less than 80%/No SOA.  Each SOA tier is presented against a volume tier (exception less than 80%/No SOA) to get to a relevant price point.  There was little change in how your mail is lodged.

International Bulk Mail consolidation chart

View the Bulk Mail consolidation chart (PDF - 166KB)

International VolumePost

Find out more about International VolumePost (PDF - 83KB)

International GoFlexible

Find out more about International GoFlexible (PDF - 87KB)

International PrintPost

Find out more about International PrintPost (PDF - 88KB)

International Bulk Mail rate card pricing

View the new International Bulk mail rate card pricing (PDF - 46KB)

International Clean Mail

Find out more about International Clean Mail (PDF - 101KB)

International Bulk Mail products quick reference guide

Find out more about International Bulk Mail products quick reference guide (PDF - 46KB)

International Bulk Mail chart

View the International Bulk Mail chart (PDF - 4.1MB)

International Envelope Layout Standards

As of 26 September 2018, we have amended the Envelope Layout Standards and simplified some sections, applying some minor adjustments making it easier to use. 

We have not introduced any new requirements.

View the International Envelope Layout Standards (PDF - 5.1MB)