Collect customer payments

Let New Zealand Post collect your bill payments, licensing and subscription fees and other customer transactions. With over 280 PostShops it makes paying easier for your customers and for you.

Having us as your payment collection agent makes it easier for your customers to pay their bills, improving your cash flow and reducing transaction costs.

Payments are transferred speedily between New Zealand Post and your financial management systems. You can get payment notifications in real-time, as batched instalments throughout the day, or overnight – which ever suits you best.

Find out what bills can be paid at your local PostShop.

How does it work?

The bill payment service involves a number of simple steps:

  • Your customer visits a PostShop and pays your account by cash, cheque or Eftpos
  • The following working day, New Zealand Post sends you an electronic file with all the payment details for the day before, including any account or reference numbers you need to reconcile
  • The next working day New Zealand Post transfers the funds into your bank account
  • If a bill payment is made by cheque and the cheque is dishonoured, adjustments will be made.

Set us up as your payment collection agent

To set up New Zealand Post to manage your payments, email with your details and we'll be in touch.

New Zealand Post Limited is a member of Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) in relation to its financial services. FDR is an independent scheme to help consumers and financial service providers resolve disputes and is free for consumers to use.

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