many courier vans
many courier vans
many courier vans
many courier vans

We’re ready

Planes, vans, people and COVID-19 lessons

Delivering for you this festive season

Our business has evolved to be more agile than ever and operationally ready for Peak volumes. As we approach the busy festive season, we’re excited to share what we’ve learnt and our insights with you – and ensure that together we’re ready.

We’ve learned from COVID-19

Hear what changes we’ve made, and how we’re gearing up for the Christmas peak season. You’ll hear from our CEO David Walsh, Chief Customer Officer Bryan Dobson and Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart.

Content is for the purpose of informing our customers of our COVID learnings and business plans. It is not to be used, recorded or posted online.

Here’s what you can expect

We’re more prepared than ever to deliver for you over the Peak season. We’ve rallied up more planes, vans, people, and introduced new ways to manage spikes in order volumes so that you’re covered.*

* Plans subject to change

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Peak readiness checklist

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eCommerce trends

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Christmas sending cut-off dates for businesses

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