Peak readiness checklist

Let’s get your business ready for the peak season! Check out our tips for sending over the busy shopping period and get in touch with your Business Manager to discuss your plans - we’re here to support you.

When you have your promotions calendar confirmed, let your Business Manager know when they are and what lift in sales you’re forecasting. This way we know what to expect when planning your pick-ups. Providing your volume forecasts for October, November and December also helps us make an appropriate plan to support your business over the busy festive season.

Heading into the what is the busiest time of the year, it is important to let us know. Projecting your international freight volumes helps ensure your parcels are processed efficiently and that we plan for the right airline capacity. You can let us know your projected volumes by talking to your Business Manager.


Events overseas can delay the delivery of items so make sure you stay up to date with our latest international delivery updates


Help us get parcels for customers outside of your local area (Forward Freight) moving as quickly as possible by prioritising these parcels and handing them over to us earlier in the day if you currently have more than one pick-up slot.

If you’re a large sender working on weekends, get in touch with your Business Manager to find out how we can support you over the peak period with weekend pickups and get your parcels moving faster.

Parcel Notifications are a great way to take your customers’ online shopping experience to the next level and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Your customers get the peace of mind of knowing where their parcel is, and they can request that their courier leaves their parcel in a safe place or redirect it to a new address if they’re not going to be home. All while you spend less time and money dealing with delivery enquiries. It’s a win-win. Learn more

Spend time checking the addresses on your labels are correct and your labels meet our addressing guidelines & data injection standards so we can deliver your parcels to your customers first time and avoid mis-directed parcels or delays.

If you have an integrated solution with us, get in touch with your Business Manager to find out more about how to easily validate address information with our ParcelAddress API. The API makes it simple for your customers to search for and auto-complete their address at checkout, streamlining the customer experience and reducing cart abandonment.

Take time to familiarise yourself with our sending standards. Following the outlined guidelines, which cover packaging, size & weight limitations, prohibited & restricted items and accurate addressing will help you get your parcels ready for sending and delivered to your customers first time.

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