GoUK is a cost-effective and reliable courier service to send your tracked items to the United Kingdom within 5 – 8 working days*.

As a customer with a NZ Post business account, you can access GoUK and any other NZ Post services via API’s or our web-based tool eShip where you can create GoUK labels, manage the shipping addresses and track your parcels.

*Items will usually arrive at their destination within the timeframe specified for each service, however because we do not directly control all parts of the delivery chain, we cannot guarantee that your item will always reach its destination within the target delivery times. Delivery to areas outside major cities or where the item is dutiable or held by Customs may take longer.

Key benefits

Free pickup: Your items are collected by our courier free of charge in New Zealand.

Tracked with notifications and signature: Your item is tracked until it reaches its destination; notifications will be sent to mobile numbers or email addresses if label was generated via eShip or API. Signature will be collected upon delivery.

Delivery Duty and Tax Paid (DDP): You as the shipper are responsible for bearing the risks and costs (including duties and taxes) and any other charges of delivering the goods to the named place. Paying duties and taxes upfront means quicker delivery to receivers by saving time on items being held by Customs, and receivers need not to deal with importation requirements.

Great delivery services: Three delivery attempts, delivered Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm; receivers can rearrange their deliveries.

Product standards

Sending with GoUSA, you will be charged at the greater of actual weight or volumetric weight1, rounded up to the next 500g.

Weight1 limit per item

Size2 limit

Minimum chargeable weight

Maximum value per item


up to 17kg

Maximum length: 0.9m

Maximum cube: 0.113m3


GBP 500

NZ $2503 per shipment

1. To calculate volumetric weight, measure the item’s height (m) x length (m) x thickness (m) and multiply this by 200, e.g. (0.45m x 0.35m x 0.25m) x 200 = 7.86kg (rounded up to 8kg as the chargeable weight).
2. Weight and size limit include any packaging.
3. This is subject to a number of important limitations and exclusions, in particular in relation to High Risk and Prohibited items. For further information about our compensation terms and conditions and High Risk and Prohibited items, please refer to the relevant sections of the general Postal Users' Guide

Sending items by GoUK

You’ll need to do the following to send with GoUK:

  • Create your labels via any NZ Post electronic lodgement tools (API or eShip) and complete the required fields accurately and completely. Please note the 6-digit HS tariff code for each item in the parcel MUST be provided if the value of a parcel exceeds 135 GBP, although providing as standard is considered best practice to prevent items being held up in Customs
  • Include your EORI number with GB prefix in the shipping label. Click here for more information about how to register with the UK VAT system.
  • Attach a copy of the Commercial Invoice or an Export Invoice (NCPI025)
  • A completed Export Entry (for items valued over NZ$1,000). NZ Post can complete this on your behalf at an additional cost

Things you need to know

There are a few other things you need to know about this service:

  • GoUK is only sent DDP, so NZ Post will calculate UK duty and taxes (VAT) to be paid on items in New Zealand Dollars based on the average foreign exchange rate for the previous month. Please refer to the table below for the average monthly exchange rates for the UK. The process of GoUK DDP solution is subject to change after 1 January 2021, details are to follow.


FX Rate

November 2020


October 2020


September 2020


August 2020

  • Please note there will be a 2% fee applied for Duty & Tax exchange rate conversion
  • GoUK is an International GoCourier service; it is only available for customers with a NZ Post business account who have a contract for International GoCourier service
  • Ensure your item is safe to send by checking our prohibited or restricted items information. You may also need to check this list of prohibited and restricted items that are not accepted by the last-mile delivery provider in the UK (please note this list will be updated from time to time. We will try our best to update it but cannot guarantee it is up-to-date all the time. Please contact us if you need to confirm.)
  • Find out if you’ll be compensated if your item goes missing or gets damaged and how much you may be entitled to, subject to your compliance with our terms and conditions. Maximum compensation value for GoUK items is NZ$250. No additional cover is available

Terms and Conditions

GoCourier, GoAustralia, GoUK and GoUSA are trademarks of New Zealand Post.