RedClick Connector start up guide

Download RedClick Connector and follow these install instructions.

What is RedClick Connector?

RedClick Connector automates the label generation process for RedClick, to send small and large parcels with New Zealand Post. RedClick Connector is a software application that can be downloaded from the internet and installed on your PC as a Java web start application.

Download RedClick Connector and follow the installation instructions below

What does RedClick Connector do?

RedClick Connector can be used in two ways:

  1. Importing consignment data files to RedClick and printing labels to a designated printer, or;
  2. Automating the printing of labels once they have been imported manually or via XML.

When RedClick Connector imports a file it will generate a ‘response file’. The response file confirms that the import has been successful; it also contains the order reference and the New Zealand Post consignment note number for the processed lodgement. This information can then be used to load back into your database.

How does RedClick Connector work?

RedClick Connecter monitors a nominated folder. As soon as a compatible file appears in that folder RedClick Connector will automatically process that file through RedClick, instantly producing the required international sending documentation.

For example, once a content management system (CMS) has been properly configured, the following is possible:

  • A customer places an order through your website.
  • Your website’s CMS processes the order and generates a .csv file containing the required sending information into the monitored network folder. As soon as the file appears, RedClick Connector recognises it and processes it through RedClick, automatically printing a consignment note for that order.
  • Using the response file generated by RedClickTConnecter, the CMS is able to automatically inform the customer of their international tracking number.
  • This entire process can take a matter of seconds depending on the network speeds.

RedClick Connecter connects to your RedClick account using your RedClick username and password.

RedClick Connector start up guide

Connection Settings

Note: In most cases this will not be necessary, if unsure try logging in. If you receive a ‘Connection Error’ you will need to complete this tab.

Log in

Log into Connector using your RedClick Username and Password.

Register an account for printing

Once logged into RedClick™ register any RedClick accounts that you would like this instance of Connector to handle printing for.

To register an account for printing go to the ‘Label Printing’ tab in the Connector configuration, refresh the list of available Service Styles and right click on the appropriate accounts.

Note: If your desired account does not appear on the list contact your RedClick™ administrator.

Selecting printer settings

Select your desired printer settings in the ‘Printer Configuration Tab’.

Recommended: Select the ‘Use Printer Selection’ box which will result in Connector opening the standard Windows printer selection window every time it prints.

Setting up box paths

Outbox - RedClick Connector will save the 'response file' into the 'Outbox' folder.

Backup - A copy of the imported data file will be saved into the 'Backup' folder.

Select an Import Configuration (Upload Template)

Once logged into Connector select 'Refresh Imports'. The drop down list will update to display all of the Upload Templates you have saved to your RedClick account.

Note: If the list does not correctly update contact your RedClick administrator.

Select Import Type

In live mode upload files can only contain one line and the print will occur immediately. Errors will need to be corrected in the file and re-submitted.

In batch mode upload files can contain up to 9999 lines and will print with a slight delay, depending on what is already in the print queue and the size of the upload file. Errors in any lines can be corrected in the import wizard from within RedClick, as per the manual process.

Printer response

The printer will start as soon as RedClick has successfully processed the file and RedClick Connector is set to 'live'. There may be a slight delay if RedClick Connector is set to 'batch'. Printer response will also depend on the network load at the time of printing.


RedClick Connector will obtain a licence key automatically once it connects to RedClick for the first time. This licence is the property of New Zealand Post and provides you with access to RedClick Connector's functionality.

System requirements

Feature Minimum Requirements
Operating system Windows 2000 and Windows XP on a PC with administrator rights
Java Java Virtual Machine 1.6 or later
Proxy settings

If you are using a proxy server then the following is required:

  • Proxy server address
  • Port
  • Proxy type
  • Username and password

Mandatory fields required to create a successful lodgement

When uploading a lodgement into RedClick the following information must be contained within the upload file as a minimum.

Name Description
Time of lodgement The time of the lodgement's creation (hh:mm)
Delivery address Delivery address
Delivery country

Delivery country

Contact name

Name of addressee


Whether the item being sent is a document or a non-document. (If this is the same for all parcels being sent this field can be set within the upload template)

Parcel weight

Weight of the parcel (kg)

Parcel description

Description of the item being sent

Unit quantity

The quantity of units being sent within the single lodgement

Unit value

The declared value of the item being sent.

There are a large number of other input fields available, however it is recommended that the upload files are kept as simple as possible to reduce the risk of errors within the file.

RedClick Connector is a New Zealand Post branded version of Velocity Connector from NetDespatch.