RedClick start up guide

Before you log on

Whenever you use RedClick for the first time on a computer, scan that computer using the RedClick analysis tool to ensure your computer is compatible with RedClick.

If any of the tests come back with a "failed result", or for more information see the Technical troubleshooting guide (PDF - 105KB).

Logging on

Before you log on, please ensure that you fully understand and agree to the RedClick terms and conditions.

Log on using the details provided to you by your organisation's Super User (or by New Zealand Post if you are the Super User).

Setting up your RedClick account

Before you start lodging there are a few account details that you need to complete, including:

  1. Updating your user profile - this is where your sending details will be drawn from.
  2. Adding contacts to your online address book - allowing you to quickly and automatically complete any consignment notes you create.
  3. Adding any additional users your organisation may require (Super User only).
  4. Checking your printer setup - to ensure that your system is correctly configured for printing through RedClick.

The RedClick main menu

  1. To create an individual lodgement click 'Enter Shipment'.
  2. To create multiple simultaneous lodgements click 'Import Wizard'.
  3. To view a detailed shipping summary click 'Shipping Summary'.
  4. To generate a daily shipping summary click 'Daily Summary'.
  5. To print additional consignment notes or export invoices click 'Commercial Invoices'.

Placing an individual lodgement

To place an individual lodgement, click on "Enter Shipment".

A pop up will appear displaying the RedClick terms and conditions. Please ensure you understand these before accepting them. If you do not agree with them please do not use RedClick.

Complete the required fields on the lodgement for and click "Submit". RedClick will automatically generate any sending documentation you require.

Using your address book

When you enter an address into your address book you will be asked to assign a unique access code to it. This means that when you want to send an item to that address in the future you only need to know the code that you assigned it in order to have RedClick complete their details for you.

Enter your chosen address code into the lodgement form where indicated and click on the blue address book icon to auto fill address details.

There are multiple ways to fill your address book. For more information see the Managing your address book guide (PDF - 282KB).

Detailed shipping summary

RedClick is able to generate a detailed shipping summary. To access this report click on the "Shipping Summary" link in the main menu.

To print contents of this report, or to further analyse the data contained within it, select all the relevant data, then copy and paste it into a spreadsheet.