User guide

Our RedClick quick start guide is designed to give you a brief overview of how to use RedClick.

If the information you need is not available in this guide please refer to our user guide below which has more detail.

User guide

Our RedClick user guide provides further detail if you require assistance using RedClick:


The following templates are available for RedClick users:

Sending templates

Use the Rebook tool to easily create sending templates:

  • Automatically populate the Enter Shipment form with item and/or address details.
  • To create a template, complete the form with commonly sent combinations. Populate the ‘Your Reference’ with an easy to remember template name, such as ‘product’.

To use a template simply select Rebook in the top right hand corner of the shipment form, select and enter the template’s unique identifier and click ‘Submit’. The form will be pre-filled with that template’s details.