Get started

How to start using Lodgement Manager, get an organisation setup and logging on to Lodgement Manager.

This diagram gives you an overview of the Lodgement Manager process, and how you and New Zealand Post use it to support your work.

Getting setup

How to get started using Lodgement Manager

If you are a credit account customer using PermitPost and would like to start using Lodgement Manager or if you would like further information call our National Contact Centre on 0800 562 727.

Our friendly staff will set you up with a Lodgement Manager username and password and assist you to start using the system.

Setting up an organisation

How to log on

Lodgement Manager can be found at

Once you're at the log on page simply:

  • Enter your assigned user name
  • Enter your password
  • Hit 'Go'

For more information refer to page 6 of your Quick Reference Guide or for further support, phone 0800 562 727.