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Creating a manifest in Lodgement Manager means you have manifest records at your fingertips.

The benefits of creating a manifest in Lodgement Manager are:

  • You'll be able to see the postage costs before lodging the mail.
  • Any New Zealand Post changes will be transparent immediately.
  • Reconciling your invoice is hassle free.

The diagram below shows how you and New Zealand Post use Lodgement Manager to lodge mail.

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Creating a manifest online

Get Sending is designed to enable you to create your Statement of Posting online.

Find out how to create a manifest online.

Creating a manifest using an Excel template

You can upload manifest records from Microsoft Excel using the Lodgement Manager template supplied by New Zealand Post.

To download the template:

  • Select "Download lodgement Excel template" from the More Actions drop down list at the top of the 1:Create screen in Get Sending.
  • Click "download file". You can either open Excel straight away and start working or save the file to use later (refer to Business Continuity option).
  • For each Customer, open the spreadsheet and enter your lodgement data into the fields.
  • Save the Excel spreadsheet giving it a name that you can recognise for that Customer.

To upload the data:

  • Select "Upload lodgement data" from the More Actions drop down list at the top of the 1:Create screen in Get Sending.
  • Click the browse button and navigate to where the Customer Excel spreadsheet is saved.
  • Click "Upload". The Excel spreadsheet data will be uploaded into the 1:Create screen, which will display the manifest record.
  • Enter any remaining data and complete the lodgement for dispatch.

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Acknowledging amendments

If New Zealand Post has made a change to a manifest record line(s), we will contact you to discuss the change, and you can view and acknowledge the change in Lodgement Manager.

In the lodged records screen, a change to your manifest is easily identified by a red exclamation icon and the date and time that the change was made. It is good business practice to acknowledge amendments on a daily basis.

When viewing the manifest details, the exclamation icon will also appear next to the individual manifest line(s) that have been changed.

To acknowledge a change:

  • view the individual manifest details
  • click on the exclamation icon
  • review the change
  • click acknowledge.

The acknowledged change now appears as a green exclamation icon on the relevant manifest line(s) and also in the New Zealand Post Changed column in the Lodged Records screen.

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How to use the templates

If you send the same product regularly and complete the same manifest each time, you can set up a template which will save you re-entering the information.

You can:

  • Save a manifest as a template (see More Actions droplist)
  • If you are viewing saved or lodged records you are able to select the tick box and click 'new template from selected'. This creates a new template from the selected records.

To view existing templates, click Templates from the side navigation menu.

This allows you to:

  • search any manifests that have been saved as a template
  • delete any redundant templates
  • use a template to create a manifest.

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