Lodgement Manager has a range of reports that you can generate.

Reports can be extracted in different formats such as CSV, HTML or PDF.

The reports can also be modified using parameters to ensure you are able to access the information you need.

For more information:

  • refer to Reports Overview page 26 of your Quick Reference Guide
  • for further support, phone 0800 562 727.

Available reports

Amended Manifest Lines Report

Shows any changes made to lodgement lines by New Zealand Post, between a specified date range. It shows what originally appeared on the lodgement, the amendment made and a comparison of the original estimated price with the invoiced price.

Daily Transaction Report

This report shows products lodged for a specified day. The report also shows any line references and cost centres.

Mail Lodgement Summary Report

This report shows a summary of product lodged and price including any user defined products that have been included in a lodgement. The user can specify a date range and choose the manifest status of "invoiced" or "lodged".

Mail Volume Analysis by Cost Centre Report

This report shows a quantity and price breakdown of New Zealand Post product lodged, including user defined products at a cost centre level for a specified date range. The user can also choose the manifest status of "invoiced" or "lodged".

Manifest Invoiced Report

This report shows a line by line breakdown of lodgements which have been invoiced. It shows all line information including the invoice number for a specified date range.

User Details Report

This report shows the users of the Lodgement Manager application that have been set up under the groups within an organisation. This includes both active and inactive users and the user roles assigned to them.

Transaction Extract Report

This report shows a detailed view of lodgement information over a date range specified by the user. There are 28 column headers in this report and it is only available in MS Excel. The report contains all the information available in the other Lodgement Manager transactional reports as well as other more detailed information such as product descriptions, record status and unique line identifiers.

Reconciling invoices

How to reconcile your invoice with your Lodgement Manager Manifest.

  • Go into the reports link in Get Sending, and click on the Manifest Invoiced Report.
  • Enter in date parameters relating to the invoice period, and choose the desired report format (pdf, csv, html).
  • Reconcile the manifest against the reported invoice number.

An example pdf output is shown below.

Note: You can export this report in csv output which will enable you to view it in Microsoft Excel.