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Term Description
Account Management The part of Lodgement Manager that allows users to change their password and other details and where organisation and group administrators are able to add users and amend group or organisation details.
Business Mail Acceptance Point (BMAP) The mail centre that will receive and process the mail.
Business Mail Centre Part of New Zealand Post. The Business Mail Centre offer services such as the processing of your outward mail including sorting, facing, bundling, completing documentation and putting a postage impression on each item.
Complete The screen where you are able to print the Statement of Posting and dispatch it with your mail lodgement. Once you are in the Complete screen your manifest record details will be transparent to New Zealand Post.
Create The screen where you are able to enter the manifest record.
Customer Agreement A Customer Agreement is an agreement with a Bulk Mail customer, where NZ Post will temporarily waiver one or more Bulk Mail product standards and allow the customer to retain their specific pricing agreement.
Customer Number Also referred to as Customer Account Number and Trading Partner ID (TPID). This number is used to identify who is lodging the mail, and who will be billed.
Customer Reference Customer Reference is entered at a manifest level (by the Customer or the Lodger), and will appear on the Customer Invoice.
Deactivate A method to stop the use of something, but not remove it from the system. This can used for cost centres, clients, user defined products, users, etc. This is the selection of Inactive.
Delete A method in which to remove something entirely from Lodgement Manager. This can used for cost centres, clients, user defined products, users etc.
Dispatch Method The way you send your mail to New Zealand Post. E.g. Courier pick up, Mail centre drop off.
Get Sending The part of Lodgement Manager where you can create, prepare and complete your manifest records.
Group A group is a department or business unit that lodges mail independently from other areas within the organisation. Each group has its own New Zealand Post customer number which mail lodgements are billed against.
Group Administrator The nominated person within that group that has the ability to set up and maintain all the default user details for that group. It is possible to be Group Administrator for more than one group.
Intermediary A 3rd party acting on behalf of the customer – For example a mailhouse or a facilities management provider. They will have the authority to lodge mail for New Zealand Post customers.
Lines Held Where you have the opportunity to hold selected lines of a manifest record once it has been saved. Held lines can then be added to a subsequent manifest.
Lodged Where you can see all of today’s completed manifest records, and any New Zealand Post amended manifest records.
Lodger A lodger is a group that has permission to lodge mail on behalf of New Zealand Post customers. A lodger may be part of New Zealand Post such as Business Mail Centres or an external organisation such as a mailhouse.
Mailhouse An organisation that prepares and lodges mail with New Zealand Post, on behalf of New Zealand Post customers.
Manifest Record The information you enter regarding the mail lodgement and other costs associated with your mailing. Once the manifest record is printed it is referred to as a Statement of Posting.
More Actions Gives you alternative options for entering your manifest record such as saving manifest information as a template, create a lodgement from an Excel spreadsheet or use a previously created template.
Organisation The organisation that lodges mail or mail is lodged on behalf of.
Organisation Administrator The nominated person within your organisation who has overall responsibility for setting up and maintaining user details for each group.
Prepare The screen where you are able to check the manifest record has been loaded correctly before completing the Statement of Posting for lodgement with New Zealand Post.
Product Code Describes the product you are lodging.
Quality Assurance The name of the New Zealand Post team who check customer lodgements for compliance with product standards.
Reactivate A method in which to bring something that has been "deactivated" back to active use. This can used for cost centres, clients, user defined products, users etc. This is the selection of Active.
Record Manifest Status – Cancelled The manifest or manifest line has been cancelled. "Cancelled" manifests will not be billed but can be reported on. Only New Zealand Post can cancel a manifest or manifest line.
Record Manifest Status - Lodged The manifest has been submitted to New Zealand Post.
Record Manifest Status - Lodged – Billing The manifest has been lodged, checked by New Zealand Post and sent to billing.
Record Manifest Status - Lodged – Invoiced The manifest has been lodged by a customer, checked by New Zealand Post and an invoice has been generated.
Record/Manifest Status – Saved The record has been saved by the user but has not been through the Complete stage i.e. the record has not been lodged (completed) and made available to New Zealand Post.
Reference (Line Ref) Free text field for the user. Is transferred to billing as the line reference and will appear on an unconsolidated invoice.
Role - Basic User Allows the user to access all basic lodgement functions. Can maintain and create own favourites and access lodgement and record functions.
Role - Group Administrator Can create and maintain details for a Group - My Products, Cost Centres, Users. Has all the functions of a Basic User.
Role - Organisation Administrator Is able to create Group Administrators for their Organisation. There is only one Organisation Administrator per Organisation. Can create users within Groups.
Save Record Where you have the opportunity to save a manifest record and complete it when ready to dispatch.
Statement of Posting The document produced by Lodgement Manager that is required to accompany your lodgement when dispatched. AR019N and EU66 Statement of Postings will be replaced by Lodgement Manager.
Status Relates to both users and groups. Users and groups need to have an active status in order to be operational within Lodgement Manager. If the status is inactive then they cannot use Lodgement Manager. A user must have an active status in order to use Lodgement Manager for the group or organisation.
Template Where you will find the personalised templates you have created and saved.
Transport ID This field is currently not in use. Customers will be advised on an individual basis if this becomes a requirement for them.
User A person who has access to a Lodgement Manager Organisation and Group. The user is assigned roles and permissions to Lodgement Manager functions. These roles and permissions are assigned by the Organisation or Group Administrator.
Weight Item weight in grams or kilograms.