Shipping APIs

We have developed six shipping solutions to make it easy for you to ship parcels to your customers using services across NZ Post and CourierPost. These solutions are in the form of APIs for easy integration with your website.

  • Do you have a custom built eCommerce website?
  • Are you working with IT developers, either inhouse or outsourced?
  • Do you want to display parcel tracking within your customer portal?
  • Do you want to offer a range of NZ Post and CourierPost delivery options in your checkout process?
  • Do want to make it faster for your customers to add their delivery addresses into your checkout process?
  • Do you want to gain efficiency through integrating your internal systems?
  • Do you want to avoid having yet another software tool to use?

If your answers are YES to a number of these questions, our shipping solutions might be what you’re looking for.


You can make your customer's checkout process easier with ParcelAddress. This allows for ‘type-ahead’ addressing functionality within your website for New Zealand or international customers to improve delivery performance.

The benefits of using ParcelAddress can include:

  • A more efficient checkout from your eCommerce site
  • Improved customer experience at the shopping cart
  • More accurate addresses on your parcels
  • Fewer delivery related calls to your call centre
  • Increased speed of processing in your warehouse.

The ParcelAddress API database is continuously updated so that you and your customers have access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive list of addresses. ParcelAddress also identifies NZ rural addresses, ensuring that the correct delivery services can be displayed. For your added convenience, international addressing is also available within this API, powered by Google Places. See the terms of use for Google PlacesOpens in a new window. .

Read our technical documentation for the ParcelAddress APIOpens in a new window. .


Give your customers choice and control of shipping options by integrating this functionality into your shopping cart.

Using valid address and package details you provide, the ShippingOptions API will display NZ Post, CourierPost and Pace parcel services enabled on your account to the chosen destination address. These options include identifying rural delivery and the add-ons available, such as evening delivery and signature required. As the merchant, you control which options and rates are displayed within your customer’s shopping cart.

More shipping options are being developed and these will be available to you online automatically, giving you and your customers maximum shipping flexibility.

The benefits of using Shipping Options include:

  • Only relevant delivery options being presented to your customer
  • NZ Post, CourierPost and Pace parcel services being made available to you through the one integration
  • Automatic up-to-date shipping rates and options
  • Data creation for shipping cost analysis.

Read our technical documentation for the ShippingOptions APIOpens in a new window. .


ParcelLabel connects our parcel labelling functions with your warehousing and eCommerce systems. This enables you to quickly produce pre-printed labels to ensure delivery accuracy and speed, and scale it quickly as you grow.

The benefits of using ParcelLabel can include:

  • Pre-designed labels that are automatically updated to the current NZ Post and CourierPost parcel label standards
  • On-demand labelling, removing the need for pre-paid tickets
  • NZ Post, CourierPost and Pace parcel service labels that are available through the one integration.

The rich ParcelLabel functionality includes label creation for domestic, urgent and international parcel services and can include optional information such as rural delivery and signature required.

ParcelLabel can be implemented in conjunction with ParcelAddress and ShippingOptions, or independently, depending on your business’ needs.

Labels are provided in PDF format and can be printed from most commercially available printers. As charges are only applied when the label is scanned by one of our couriers, you won’t be charged for labels that are printed in error and discarded before being applied to the parcel.

Read our technical documentation for the ParcelLabel APIOpens in a new window. .


ParcelPickup allows for scheduling of pick-up services, so you can respond to urgent customer orders and tailor pick-up frequency to your business needs.

The benefits of using ParcelPickup can include:

  • One process for requesting parcel pick ups from either CourierPost or Pace
  • Return of a confirmation number so there is a single point of reference.

Read our technical documentation for the ParcelPickup APIOpens in a new window. .


ParcelTrack integrates tracking events for domestic and international deliveries into your own ecommerce system based on network scan events. By displaying tracking on your website you can create upselling opportunities, as well as potentially reducing calls to your call centre. An extra benefit is that you can use this information to track and benchmark delivery efficiency.

The ParcelTrack API can be used to retrieve the shipping history of a NZ Post, CourierPost or Pace parcel, based on network scan events, which can be displayed seamlessly with the look and feel of your website for use by your customers as well as your support team.

The benefits of using ParcelTrack can include:

  • Visibility of the shipping status of your goods
  • Shipping history information on your own site so you can provide superior customer service
  • Providing your customers the ability to self-serve shipping information
  • Fewer support calls related to parcel delivery status
  • Tracking updates ‘pushed’ to your systems as they happen

Read our technical documentation for the ParcelTrack APIOpens in a new window. .


If your customer has chosen an NZ Post collection point as the delivery address, an email must be sent when the parcel arrives at the collection location. (This service is available for parcels sent through CourierPost).

The benefits of using ParcelNotification may include:

  • Keeps your customers informed about their parcels delivery status
  • Fewer support calls related to parcel delivery status.

Read our technical documentation for the ParcelNotification APIOpens in a new window.